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North Miami Beach Dangerous Drugs

Researchers are always working and each year drug manufacturers introduce new pharmaceutical devices and drugs into the marketplace. These devices are supposed to be the latest in technology to provide customers with a better quality of life and the drugs are meant to cure diseases or to treat symptoms. Many patients spend considerable amounts of money on these items and on health insurance to ensure that they have the best and latest quality of medical care. But what happens when those drugs and medical devices turn out to be dangerous and cause injury or fatalities rather than improving health? In these cases, it is important to ask questions. You may find that the drug manufacturer or pharmacy was negligent in informing you of possible side effects or was negligent in performing the tasks necessary to prove that a drug is safe.

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What Steps Are Drug Manufacturers Reasonably Expected To Take To Prevent Drug Interactions And Dangerous Drugs?

The release of a dangerous drug into the market is often preventable. There are many steps that drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies can take to ensure that their products are safe:

  • They can test the drugs or medication on animals
  • They can run double-blind and control studies on humans
  • They can run human trials for an extended period of time and keep accurate track of any side effects or dangerous interactions
  • They can test the drug for drug interactions
  • They can exercise careful control of the manufacturing process to ensure that the drugs are not affected by ineffective manufacturing
  • They can check to make sure that doctors and pharmacists have the information they need to prescribe the drug correctly
  • They can ensure that the information included with the drug to both doctors and patients is accurate and reliable

When drug companies and pharmaceutical companies fail to take these steps, people can be seriously injured as a result. In these cases, patients may have a legal claim against drug manufacturers and against others who may be liable.

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