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North Miami Beach School Bus Accident

A school bus collision in North Miami Beach or your community can change you and your family’s life forever. In some cases, these types of crashes claim lives while in others they lead to permanent or serious injury. Many children who have been in a serious school bus crash face trauma and severe fear due to their injuries and due to the accident itself. Of course, as a parent you want to do everything possible to protect your child. If your child has been in a collision while on board a school bus, there are steps you can take today in order to seek compensation so that you can help your child by providing them with the best medical services as well as counseling and other services they may need following their crash.

If you would like to speak with a compassionate and professional personal injury attorney in North Miami Beach or your community, contact Flaxman Law Group at any time to speak with a member of our full-service law firm. Our attorneys have more than 60 years of experience and many of our attorneys have families of their own, so they really understand the trauma that a family can face after a severe accident. Our attorneys have already helped recover more than $100 million on behalf of thousands of families and plaintiffs across South Florida. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation to review what can be done for your child and your family.

Why Do School Bus Accidents Occur?

There are many reasons why school bus accidents can happen:

  • A school bus driver may be unfamiliar with the roadway
  • There may be unsafe driving conditions or inclement weather
  • Poor road design
  • Mechanical failure, such as steering malfunctioning or brake failure
  • Incorrect maintenance of the bus
  • Manufacturing defects in the bus
  • Drunk driving
  • Other motorists sharing the road not obeying the traffic rules
  • Distracted driving
  • Buses stopping incorrectly and not providing a safe place for children to embark and disembark the bus

If a school bus accident has caused a serious injury for your child, is important to get answers. Finding out exactly what has caused a school bus accident can help give you closure and can help you pursue justice. If there are liable parties in your case, pursuing compensation can help you pay for your child's medical care and other expenses, allowing you to provide the best quality care for your child as he or she recovers.

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The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group know that the injuries caused by bus collisions are often more severe than those caused by car accidents in North Miami Beach and other communities. The size and force of larger vehicles simply leads to more force upon impact and therefore a greater risk of injury. The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have more than 60 years of experience recovering compensation on behalf of families and personal injury plaintiffs. If you would like to review your situation in a free case consultation, do not hesitate to contact Flaxman Law Group today.