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North Miami Beach Intersection Accidents

You likely pass by dozens of intersections in North Miami Beach on your daily commute each day, but intersections don't just allow you to change directions – they also represent a very real danger. At an intersection, many types of vehicles as well as pedestrians meet. All of them rely on motorists yielding right-of-way and on traffic lights working correctly. When something goes wrong, serious car accidents and even chain reaction collisions are possible.

If you have been injured in an intersection accident, it is common to have questions. Where will you get money for your injuries and lost income? Who is liable? Did poor road design play a role in your injuries? To get answers, Flaxman Law Group attorneys would like to help by offering a free, no obligation consultation. Your free case review is your chance to get questions answered and to get information about your legal options and your options for compensation.

How Likely are You To Get Fair Compensation After a Traffic Crash Without an Attorney?

Many survivors of serious intersection accidents in North Miami Beach and other Florida cities find that it is difficult or even impossible to get fair compensation and other types of assistance without the help of a qualified personal injury attorney. In many cases, survivors rely on car insurance and health insurance coverage in order to pay for medical costs and other expenses after an injury.

Unfortunately, after a car accident the injuries that you sustain are likely to be long-term and expensive. For insurance companies, it is good business to resolve these claims quickly and inexpensively, and that often means that insurance carriers do not consider long-term or incidental costs when evaluating your claim, even though these types of costs can end up costing you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Working with a personal injury attorney in North Miami Beach or your community is important because it lets you understand how much your case may be worth and how much you are likely to pay for your injuries over the long term. With this knowledge in hand, you can then negotiate with insurance carriers or work with your personal injury attorney to launch a legal claim or fight for justice and compensation in your situation. Knowing how much your case may be worth also allows you to make informed choices about any insurance benefits or settlement offers you receive.

Do You Need to Speak with a Car Accident Lawyer?

The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group are dedicated to protecting the rights of all victims and survivors of serious traffic accidents. Our attorneys have worked for more than six decades, representing plaintiffs just like you in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. Our attorneys work with a range of experts, including medical consultants, engineers, accident reconstruction experts, and private investigators in order to build strong cases. Our attorneys also offer free, no obligation case consultations to all new clients, so if you have been seriously injured in a traffic accident, you can always reach our full-service law firm to arrange a free appointment.