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North Miami Beach Bus Accident

North Miami Beach is a South Florida city with many tourist attractions. Among the most famous is an an authentic 12th century Spanish monastery which was brought over from Europe and painstakingly rebuilt. In addition, North Miami Beach boasts many parks and schools as well as a diverse population. Located in Miami-Dade County, in the middle of South Florida, North Miami Beach boasts warm weather and easy access to the many attractions of the South Florida area.

Since North Miami Beach has many schools and tourist attractions, it tends to have many buses and therefore its share of bus accidents. While North Miami Beach car accidents are more common than bus accidents, the lack of seatbelts in most buses can mean that accidents in these vehicles result in serious injuries, including North Miami Beach head injuries, whiplash, broken bones, North Miami Beach spinal cord injuries, and other serious injuries. Another problem with bus collisions is that buses have the same weight as an unloaded commercial truck. This can mean that the injuries caused by a bus crash can be very severe, simply due to the size and force of the vehicle.

In most cases, buses are considered a safe form of transportation. One reason is because many buses - including tour buses, school buses, charter buses, charter vans, public transportation buses, trolleys, and other forms of buses - are considered common carriers and are subject to many rules and regulations in order to keep passengers safe. If the actions of a bus company employee are negligent, the bus company can be held liable for injuries that result from the negligence. If the bus accident was caused by a North Miami Beach tire blowout or by mechanical failure, the company making the mechanical part may be held liable and a North Miami Beach products liability case may be pursued.

North Miami Beach bus accidents can be caused by a number of reasons. The most common causes for these types of North Miami Beach traffic accidents are driver error, poor driving conditions, poor bus maintenance, poor driver training, blind spots, traffic issues, and mechanical failure. No matter why a bus accident occurs, the injuries can be devastating - and costly to you. Consulting with a North Miami Beach personal injury attorney is important in helping you understand your rights and options.

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