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Miramar Head Injury

Located close to the Atlantic Ocean, Miramar, Florida is named after a Havana community in Cuba. A diverse community, Miramar is home to the headquarters for Spirit Airlines, JL Audio, and other companies. In addition to providing work opportunities, Miramar provides residents with mild weather, unique shops, many amenities, and attractive homes. Many people choose to make Miramar their home for the many opportunities the city offers.

Like all cities, Miramar sees its fair share of traffic accidents and brain injuries. Brain injuries can be one of the most devastating traumatic injuries caused by accidents. One challenge is that it can be difficult to evaluate early on the impact that a Miramar head injury will have on a person's lifetime. Insurance carriers who try to quickly and inexpensively settle a claim often miss the long term consequences and costs associated with a Miramar brain injury. The Flaxman Law Group represents Miramar personal injury victims to ensure that the costs of injuries are accurately and faithfully represented, ensuring that victims can seek out the compensation that they deserve.

Unfortunately, Miramar traumatic brain injuries can be extremely expensive. The initial cost of diagnosis and treatment can be very high indeed. An MRI and initial consultations with specialists as well as initial tests of the brain area alone can cost in excess of $1000. If surgery is needed, this can add up to thousands of additional dollars. In many cases, Miramar head injury patients also require months or even a lifetime of therapy, medicine, home care, rehabilitation, and other types of care. Since care for a Miramar brain injury patient is often specialized, it can cost millions of dollars over a lifetime. And this is just for the cost of medical care alone. In addition to the cost of medical care, Miramar brain injury patients often require home care, help replacing lost income, and have other expenses as well.

In addition, the latest treatments and even the latest imaging and diagnosis techniques are often the most expensive. No patient should have to choose between quality medical care and price after traumatic brain injury. However, this is just what happens with many Miramar head injury patients. Patients may be facing no income and mounting medical bills, putting them in a position where they feel they need to choose between living expenses and quality care. Do not put yourself in this position. Speak with the legal team at the Flaxman Law Group to discuss your options and your rights. There are solutions out there, and having worked with thousands of head injury patients the Flaxman Law Group has seen firsthand solutions that can make dramatic differences in a patient's outlook and future.

Brain injuries are life-changing and often permanent. In many cases, Miramar brain injuries can result in memory loss, reduced cognitive function, depression, emotional upset, and other symptoms that affect literally every area of a person's life. Miramar head injury victims in many cases cannot resume their jobs or daily activities. In many cases they are more susceptible to depression and substance abuse due to the emotional trauma surrounding their injuries. Even relationships and simple everyday tasks can be affected. It is possible to face a bright future after a Miramar brain injury. To find out how, contact the Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free consultation to review your case.