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Miramar Elder Abuse

Elder abuse in Miramar and Florida can take the form of physical abuse, rape and sexual assault, medical abuse, negligence, emotional abuse, or neglect. It can be perpetrated by staff at assisted living facilities, by other seniors, or by caregivers. Due to the shame and isolation that some victims face, perpetrators too often get away with their crimes.

Firm principal and founder Charles Flaxman of Flaxman Law Group worked for ten years as an insurance adjuster before dedicating his life to helping plaintiffs in personal injury cases. His expertise, including his more than 25 years of experience as a trial attorney, may of assistance when dealing with nursing homes and their insurance companies. Charles Flaxman and the rest of our attorneys work around the clock and aggressively pursue those who have harmed others. If you would like to see justice served, do not hesitate to get legal advice. Contact our law firm for a free case evaluation.

What to Do if You or a Loved One Have Been Injured in Miramar

If your family member has suffered an attack or abuse, there are several things that you will want to do:

1) Visit an emergency room. Immediately visit an emergency room in order to get an evaluation for your loved one to see whether they have sustained a head injury or any other serious injury. Emergency room physicians can also call authorities for you so that you can file a statement and press charges if that is what you decide to do.

2) Get medical help. Your family member may need medical treatment following abuse and may need to get follow-up medical treatment. You will also generally need to visit a clinic or doctor with your elderly loved one in order to get follow-up testing as well as any other medical services needed. A doctor or clinic can also refer you to local resources, such as counselors, support groups, and advocacy groups.

3) Get support and counseling. Sexual assault and other forms of abuse can be emotionally traumatizing and in some cases can lead to depression, anxiety, fear, and even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Support groups, rape crisis hotlines, and advocacy groups as well as therapists and mental health professionals can help provide compassionate support as well as counseling.

4) Get legal advice. You may have a legal claim and compensation from your claim can help you pay for therapy, medical treatment, lost time at work, and more. Civil court can be another way to seek justice in your case, no matter what happens in criminal court and regardless of whether the abusers are ever caught. If an elderly family member has been attacked, abused, or neglected, contact a personal injury attorney to find out more.

5) Take good care of yourself and your family. Surviving abuse takes a great deal of courage. You will want to take good care of yourself and your family member as you all heal. Turn to family and friends and take good care of your health and to get caregiving for your elderly family member.

The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have more than 60 years of combined in-depth experience dealing with nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and other defendants. To put our years of expertise to work for you and to find out whether you have a legal claim, contact our full-service law firm today for a free case evaluation.