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Miramar Inadequate Supervision

Negligent supervision in Miramar and Florida refers to any situation in which someone should have been provided with adequate monitoring but was injured because correct supervision was not provided. These situations can arise in a range of situations and places. They can affect children in schools, elderly residents in long-term care facilities, patients in medical settings, and vulnerable adults in care homes. They can even affect workers in their workplace, since some higher-risk occupations require proper screening to keep employees safe. If you have been injured because someone who should have been providing monitoring was negligent, you may have legal options. You will want to review your case with a personal injury attorney to learn what those options are.

The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group always strive for a successful recovery process on behalf of families affected by nursing home abuse and negligence and other instances of inadequate supervision. If you would like to know whether you have a claim, contact Flaxman Law Group to arrange a free case consultation.

Examples of Negligent Supervision

There are many types of inadequate supervision, including:

  • An employer not providing proper screening or monitoring in the workplace
  • A school not providing adequate supervisors on the school ground
  • A parolee not being adequately supervised while on probation
  • Caregivers or babysitters not providing adequate care for the children in their care
  • Nursing home administrators not conducting headcounts or checking in on patients who require extra care

In all of these cases, families may have a legal claim if the negligence leads to harm and damages.

Poor Supervision Leads to Child Injury in Miramar and Other Communities

Due to the fact that children may not always understand the dangers around them, inadequate supervision of children can lead to catastrophic or even permanent injuries. If your child has sustained a head injury, spinal cord injury, paralysis, or other serious injuries because they were not given proper care, your child's entire future could be affected. The injury can affect their ability to earn an income later on and it can lead to a lifetime of increased medical costs and increased medical insurance coverage. Seeking compensation now ensures that you seek compensation so that your child can still enjoy a bright future. Compensation can help pay for immediate medical costs but also your child's future expected medical expenses and can help them pay for an education as well as job training that can help them be independent later in life.

Let A Personal Injury Attorney Defend Your Loved One’s Safety

Whether your child has been affected by an unsafe school or negligent caregiver or whether a family member has been affected by nursing home abuse and negligence, you will want to speak with a personal injury attorney. Attorneys, like the legal team at Flaxman Law Group, can investigate your claim and pursue a settlement if you qualify. The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group always seek to recover the full maximum compensation possible for their clients. If you would like to know more, arrange a free case review with Flaxman Law Group today.