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Miami Springs Bicycle Accident

Miami Springs, Florida, is a planned community Miami Dade County. Like many communities in South Florida, Miami Springs has many green spaces as well as remarkably mild weather. It is also notable for its older Mission Style and Pueblo style buildings. Miami Springs has a long association with aviation history and changes in the aviation industry have hit the community hard. The 3.5-square-mile, triangular city was home to many in the aviation industry and once that industry was hit hard, so was the community. Nevertheless, Miami Springs has rebounded economically with many new businesses. Today, Miami Springs is a great place to work and visit. It is a bedroom community with many beautiful homes, parks, racquetball courts, golf course, tennis courts, pool, community center, and theater. There is also a historic district in the city attracting tourists and visitors as well as new businesses.

The tree-lined streets of Miami Springs are a wonderful place to bicycle, and the community has many bicycle enthusiasts. Unfortunately, Florida currently leads the nation when it comes to fatal bicycle accidents. A serious Miami Springs bicycle accident can lead to severe injuries, including Miami Springs brain injuries, broken bones, paralysis, and other injuries. Since bicyclists are protected by little more than a bicycle helmet, they are almost always seriously injured while the motorist involved in this type of Miami Springs traffic accident often walks away without a scratch. In many cases, recovering from a Miami Springs bicycle accident takes months. In some cases, the injuries are permanent and lead to a life of decreased mobility as well as considerable pain.

In addition to the pain and suffering caused by a Miami Springs bicycle accident, patients often need to consider their costs as well. A Miami Springs bicycle accident can create substantial costs. Miami Springs spinal cord injury patients who have been injured in a bicycle accident, for example, may spend $100,000 or more in the first alone for just medical treatment. Physical therapy costs, rehabilitation costs, home care costs, replacement of lost income, and other costs are additional expenses on top of this cost. Miami Springs brain injury patients may also have substantial costs, as they need to pay for surgery, rehabilitation costs, and other costs related to their injuries.

Florida law does allow Miami Springs bicycle accident victims to seek insurance claims from the at fault driver as well as from their own car insurance carrier. However, in many cases there is a cap on the amount of compensation that insurance carriers offer. In addition, most insurance carriers only cover the immediate, absolute bare necessities of medical care and costs. In many cases, this is not enough to pay for the total costs of Miami Springs bicycle accident injuries, especially in cases where those injuries are long-term or permanent. In these situations, pursuing a Miami Springs personal injury claim may be able to help victims recover fairer compensation for their injuries.

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