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Miami Springs Sexual Assault

Sexual assault happens each day in Miami Springs and across South Florida. This type of crime can involve date rape, sexual battery, molestation, or sexual abuse. Often, there is emotional intimidation as well as physical injury involved.

Speaking with a personal injury attorney can help you get whole picture and the legal advice you may need to survive your injuries. If you have survived a sexual assault, contact Flaxman Law Group to schedule a free consultation to review your legal options and to discuss the resources and legal remedies available to you.

Healing After Sexual Assault

The process of healing after sexual assault can take months or even years. People who survive this type of attack may face depression, fear, and other forms of upset. The trauma alone can last for a long period of time, and in many cases survivors of sexual assault also suffer physical injury, including fractures, bruising, lacerations, and more. Healing after sexual assault usually involves:

1) Getting medical assistance for injuries. Sexual assault often involves physical trauma and survivors of sexual assault also need to be tested for STIs (sexually Transmitted Infections), including HIV, chlamydia, and others. Untreated, some of these illnesses can be life-threatening or can lead to infertility, heightened risk of cancer, and other serious complications. Immediately after a sexual assault, it is important to visit an emergency room to get treatment and to start documenting evidence. A visit to the emergency room can be especially important if you have hit your head during the assault and may have suffered a head injury or brain injury.

2) Getting emotional support for the trauma. Your local doctor may be able to help you find a rape crisis center or sexual assault support group in your community. You may also want to visit a counselor or therapist in order to deal with the trauma of the attack.

3) Seeking justice. Many survivors of sexual assaults find that seeking justice in their cases is an important part of holding perpetrators accountable and an important part of the healing process. Sexual assault is a crime and you can seek to press charges against the perpetrator if you know them. You can report the crime to local authorities and follow up to find out whether they have caught the perpetrator and whether there they have filed charges against the perpetrator.

Why Call a Personal Injury Attorney in Miami Springs or Your Community After a Sexual Assault?

Another option sexual assault survivors have is to contact a personal injury attorney and to file a civil claim against their attacker and other liable parties. A legal claim lets survivors seek compensation so that they can pay for medical costs, counseling, and the other services they may need after an attack.

A legal claim also lets survivors pursue all liable parties, which may include more than just the attacker. Even if the attacker is found not guilty, they can be pursued in civil court, which means that assault survivors can seek justice. Even if the attacker is never found, other liable parties can be held liable if their wrongful or negligent actions led to an attack.

If you have survived an assault or have been injured, do not hesitate to speak to one of the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group. In a free consultation, we can offer legal advice as well as a thorough and honest evaluation of your legal options.