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Miami Springs Bald Tires / Tire Blowout

Bald tires on Miami Springs and Florida trucks usually occur when tires are not replaced often enough and when trucks are overloaded, putting extra pressure on the tires. Tire blowouts can occur due to bald tires, but blowouts can also be caused by tire defects, poor maintenance, over- or under-inflated tires, and other issues. Bald tires and tire blowouts have one thing in common: these preventable problems can cause devastating collisions and injuries.

The personal Injury lawyers at Flaxman Law Group are ready to assess your claim if you have been injured due to tire issues or a trucking crash. We can review any settlement or insurance offers, go through the insurance process with you step-by-step, and help you understand how much your potential case may be worth. We can help you understand whether you have a claim and how much a civil claim may be worth in your case. Armed with this information, you may be able to make a decision that could help your family seek compensation for your injuries.

How Truck Tire Issues Lead to Traffic Collisions in Miami Springs and Florida

Tires do a lot more than just keep a car or truck moving forward. They also help a truck driver control their vehicle. When a tire blows out on a commercial truck, the truck driver may lose control of the vehicle, and this may lead the truck to roll over or travel into oncoming traffic. In addition, since commercial trucks are so large they can be difficult to stop quickly in a tire blowout situation, and when this type of situation occurs on a highway at high speeds, this can easily lead to a chain reaction accident or fatal collision.

Who is Liable in Your Traffic Accident?

There many parties potentially responsible for correctly maintaining truck tires. The company that owns or leases the truck as well as the truck driver are both responsible for ensuring that the tires the truck is traveling on are correctly maintained, inspected, and safe. In addition, the manufacturers of truck tires are also responsible for ensuring that they create a product that is correctly designed and manufactured correctly in order to stay safe on the roads. Any company contracted to maintain the trucks may be responsible for ensuring that the correct type of truck tires are used and correctly installed and aligned for maximum safety. If any of these parties fail to do their jobs and fail to act in a responsible manner, they can be held liable if their negligence leads to injury or a serious collision.

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