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Miami Springs Road Hazards

Road hazards are an extremely serious issue in many municipalities. Taxpayers pay considerable amounts of money in order to have safe roads, and municipalities pay construction crews and construction companies considerable sums in order to properly maintain, build, and design roads. When negligence occurs and roads are poorly designed or poorly maintained, uneven roads, potholes, and other dangers can and do lead to serious car, truck, and motorcycle accidents in Miami Springs and across Florida.

If you have been injured in a car accident anywhere in South Florida due to no fault of your own, you may be eligible for compensation under Florida law. You may qualify for a legal claim that can help you seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and more. Would you like more information about your rights? Contact Flaxman Law Group at any time to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

Types Of Road Hazards In Miami Springs

There are many unexpected road dangers that can occur on your morning commute or any time you drive on city streets. These types of road hazards can be confined to a few specific categories:

  • Incorrect ditch design and road design. When roads are poorly designed or when ditches are incorrectly designed, it makes it difficult for cars to pull over and drive correctly. For example, when ditches are designed to be too close to the road, it can make it easy for cars to roll into the ditch and lose control. When streets are too narrow or lack the correct amount of space for turns, intersection accidents can occur.
  • Signal and signage problems. Signals and signs are expected to help motorists, but when they are poorly designed or poorly maintained problems can occur. Signal problems can include not having adequate signals for a roadway’s traffic or having incorrectly functioning traffic lights in place. Signage problems can occur if streets do not have adequate signs to help drivers avoid dangers. It can also occur if road work or construction crews do not put up adequate signage to warn drivers of temporary dangers, such as road work.
  • Poorly designed or located entrance and exit ramps. If speeds are too fast or if the ramps are too steep, it becomes easy for accidents to occur.
  • Visual distractions and visual obstructions. Trees, old buildings, and overgrown hedges can all affect visibility and can lead to accidents.
  • Debris on the roads. Of course, when debris falls from trucks it can take some time to clean up. Nevertheless, communities are expected to clean up debris in the roadways in a reasonable time – whether that debris is caused by vehicles, storms, or other conditions. Debris on the roads is often also caused by construction sites or by road work. Contractors are expected to clean up their work area to prevent car accidents.
  • Poor maintenance of roads. Potholes, missing manhole covers, uneven roads, cracks in the road, and other hazards are often the result of poorly maintained infrastructure.

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