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Miami Springs Bus Accident

Miami Springs is a Southern Florida planned community situated in Miami Dade County. The history of the city is closely linked with the aviation industry and for many years there were many aviation jobs in the community. Miami Springs is known for its Pueblo style and Mission style architecture and for its unique triangular shape.

Although Miami Springs has been carefully planned for aesthetics and safety, Miami Springs car accidents and bus accidents still do occur in the community. Although bus accidents are less common, they can be devastating. There are several reasons why these types of accidents can be especially deadly:

1) There are more passengers in the typical bus than in the typical car. In an accident, this can cause serious injuries as passengers crash into each other during a Miami Springs bus collision.

2) In most buses, there are no seat belts and in some cases (such as public buses) passengers are allowed to stand as well as sit. In a Miami Springs traffic accident, this can mean that passengers are thrown about since they are not wearing a seat belt. Those passengers who are standing, especially, can be thrown about and can sustain serious Miami Springs head injuries, broken bones, and other serious injuries. Most buses do not have the safety features – such as air bags and other features – intended to protect passengers, and this can also cause injuries in an accident.

3) The size and force of a bus is much larger than that of a passenger car. This can make it harder for a driver to control the bus in a collision and can cause a more serious collision due to the nature of the vehicle.

Charles Flaxman of the Flaxman Law Group has handled numerous Florida bus accident cases and has seen firsthand how devastating these types of injuries can be. Victims injured in a Miami Springs bus accident may miss months of work, may have permanent injuries and may require extended medical care. Unfortunately, since most buses are owned by large companies or by government entities, some victims have a hard time getting the fair compensation they deserve to pay for their injuries. After working in the insurance industry for ten years, Charles Flaxman graduated near the top of his law school class and has dedicated himself to helping South Florida personal injury victims get the support they need to face a brighter future.

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