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Miami Lakes Poor Road Design

Unfortunately, many roadway accidents in Miami Lakes and other Florida cities occur due to defective road design issues, such as potholes, poor traffic signals or signs, or lack of guard rails or medians. In these cases, pursuing justice can be deeply intimidating because the liable parties may be either large construction companies, or, more often, government entities. Governments are protected by special laws which limit their liability and it can be difficult to seek compensation from these liable parties.

The attorneys of Flaxman Law Group have faced governments and large defendants in court successfully and have more than 60 years of combined trial experience behind them. If you would like to find out whether you have a case or other options for compensation, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation case assessment.

The Difficulties Of Road Design Cases In Miami Lakes And Florida

If you have been injured because the roadway on which you were traveling was poorly designed, incorrectly maintained, poorly built or was faulty in some other way, it can be difficult to get justice and compensation. It is unlikely that the municipality or government agency responsible for the roadway will readily admit that they made a mistake in designing or maintaining the road.

In addition, it can be difficult to find all liable parties in the case. While the municipality where the accident occurred is ultimately responsible for the road, the maintenance and building of the road likely have been contracted to a private company. In addition to all of this, in these cases it is not uncommon for insurance companies to undervalue claims and to leave an injured party with thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars of expenses that are not covered.

The reality is that when you have a defective road injury claim, you are going head-to-head against large construction companies, government agencies, large insurance carriers, and municipalities. Federal, state, and local governments are protected by special legislation which could limit some of their liability, but in some cases they are very powerful and large entities with teams of attorneys fighting for their rights. Without a qualified and experienced attorney, it can be very difficult to get justice and compensation.

Getting Justice After a Serious Traffic Collision

If you have been injured in a road injury incident or through a faulty road, contact Flaxman Law Group to speak with personal injury attorneys who have a track record of helping thousands of personal injury plaintiffs in South Florida fight against large companies, insurance carriers, and other large entities for fair compensation and justice. Our attorneys can stand against the large liable parties that want to undervalue your claim and want you to accept a lowball offer. Our team of attorneys has more than six decades of experience and will meet with you to review your situation and to offer free legal advice in a no cost, no obligation case consultation. If you choose to work with Flaxman Law Group, our legal team can carefully examine and investigate your case to find the cause of the accident and can aggressively pursue any liable parties for fair compensation on your behalf.