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Miami Lakes Physical Neglect

Nursing home abuse is horrifying, but unfortunately various forms of neglect can be just as pervasive if not more so and tend to be even more invisible and even harder to detect. In many cases, nursing home abuse and neglect in Miami Lakes and Florida is overlooked, even though it can be life-threatening for residents and patients of long-term care facilities. Physical neglect can take many forms, from lack of adequate food and water to lack of social interaction. In many cases, families do not find out about egregious examples of neglect until it is too late and a loved one has been seriously injured or even killed.

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Types of Physical Neglect in Miami Lakes and Florida

Personal neglect can take many forms, including neglecting to provide personal hygiene for a resident and neglect of basic needs. Neglect of personal hygiene is one of the most common forms of physical neglect. It involves failing to provide residents with basics such as oral hygiene, clean changes of clothes, clean bed linens, grooming, and other services. A resident or patient in a nursing home or other care environment who has been the victim of this type of neglect may not be bathed or groomed frequently, and may not get the assistance they need to maintain general cleanliness. They may develop body odor, bedsores, infestations of lice, and even skin infections as a result. For someone who is already frail or who has a pre-existing medical condition, these types of infections can even become deadly.

Another common form of physical neglect is the neglect to provide basic needs. A very common issue in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities is the lack of adequate nutrition and water for residents. Some residents may even fall victim to malnutrition and dehydration to the point where their health is affected. In other cases, long-term care facilities may fail to provide a clean and safe environment for residents, which can also be construed as physical neglect.

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