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Miami Lakes Physical Abuse

Physical assault and battery in Miami Lakes and other communities can occur at any time. It can occur in a dark parking lot at night, in the workplace, or in an assisted-living facility. The one commonality is that it always leads to devastation for the survivor. In all too many cases, battery and assault also leads to serious injuries, including head injuries, fractures, gunshot wounds, scars, and other severe injuries.

If you have been injured in an assault, mugging, battery, or other violent act, there are legal options for you. You may be able to file criminal charges against the assailant, for example. However, even if the assailant is never caught you may be able to file civil charges in order to seek compensation for your losses. To find out whether you qualify for compensation in your situation, contact Flaxman Law Group at any time to arrange for a free, no obligation case assessment.

Assault and Battery Can Occur Anywhere

In assisted living facilities and nursing homes, elder abuse can involve physical assault and battery. It can be especially devastating to be a family member of a vulnerable adult who has been assaulted or battered. Of course, in these cases you will want justice as well as compensation that can help pay for better care for your loved one as well as medical treatment.

Assault and battery can also occur in the workplace. Violence in the workplace can stem from poor hiring practices, inadequate security, or poor screening of workers and clients. In these cases, a worker may have a claim against their employer and may qualify for workers compensation benefits in Miami Lakes or their community.

In addition, physical assault and battery can also happen in care environments of children. When battery and assault occur in schools due to bullying or other forms of abuse, it can be devastating for families. This is especially the case if the child sustains a serious injury as a result of the assault. Schools and school boards have an obligation to keep students safe, and when they fail that obligation it is possible for families to pursue compensation to help their children enjoy the best quality medical care and to be able to afford the counseling, tutoring, and other services that their children may need as they recover.

Assault and battery can also occur to just about anyone who is visiting a parking lot, garage, or other public property. The reality is that violence occurs just about anywhere. If your assault was caused by inadequate security, however, you have options for seeking compensation so that you can pay for lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses. It is important to pursue these types of legal cases not only to secure compensation so that you do not suffer financially after your assault but also to send a strong message to property owners that negligence causing severe injuries simply not acceptable. In many cases, a legal claim is the final push that encourages property owners to make important safety changes to protect others.

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