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Miami Lakes DWI/DUI Car Accidents

After a serious DUI/DWI accident in Miami Lakes or another Florida community, some injured parties are persuaded that they can't do anything in order to get fair compensation. After all, many DUI/DWI crashes are hit and run collisions. In other cases, injured drivers assume that criminal charges are the only option available. This is not the case. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, you may well have other options. There may be an option for pursuing fair compensation in the case either through insurance or through a legal claim.

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What Are My Options After A DUI Accident That Has Caused Injury?

If you have been injured by a drunk driver, you may have several options:

1) Filing a legal claim.

You may be able to file a legal claim, such as a wrongful death claim or personal injury claim against the drunk driver. This allows you to seek compensation from the drunk driver's insurance company and sends a strong message that drunk driving is not acceptable. Additionally, pursuing a legal case allows you to seek compensation so you can pay for lost wages, medical bills, incidental expenses, and other costs associated with your accident.

2) Helping pursue criminal charges against the drunk driver.

If the at-fault driver is found to be driving under the influence, law enforcement will usually start legal proceedings against the drunk driver. You can speak with law enforcement or your attorney about ways to bolster the case against the drunk driver. For example, you may be able to provide testimony to help encourage the court system to send a strong message against DUI driving.

3) Seeking compensation to insurance.

In most cases, you may be able to seek compensation through insurance. It is important to keep in mind that if you go this route you may be able to negotiate with insurance carriers. You do not have to necessarily accept the first offer made. Even if you decide not to seek a legal claim but rather to seek compensation through an insurance carrier, keep in mind that a personal injury attorney in Miami Lakes or your community may be able to help you seek fair compensation by negotiating on your behalf.

What choice you make in pursuing your claim will depend on several factors, including the strength of your case, the amount of time that has passed since the accident, the nature of your injuries, and other details. When making a decision, it is good idea to get legal advice to find out what your options are. Speak with a personal injury attorney to find out whether you have a claim and how much your case may be worth. Your attorney can help give you their honest appraisal of your best chances for getting compensation and justice in your situation. You can reach a personal injury attorney today by contacting Flaxman Law Group for a free case assessment. The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have more than six decades of combined trial experience they can put to work on your case.