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Miami Lakes Chain Reaction Accidents

Chain reaction accidents are terrifying. It is frightening to be in a car accident in Miami Lakes with one other vehicle, but being surrounded by vehicles that have collided with one another and being surrounded by many angry passengers and injured passengers is especially frightening.

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Chain Reaction Car Crashes in Miami Lakes Lead to Serious Injuries

Your injuries after a multi-vehicle accident can be more serious than you realize. These types of accidents often result in soft tissue injuries as well as head injuries. After the initial crash, there are smaller, multiple collisions as part of this type of accident. Passengers in those cars may not be fatally hurt but may sustain head injuries as well as soft tissue injuries.

The problem with these types of injuries is that they often do not present symptoms right away. A person can walk away from a car accident thinking that they have not been injured at all only to develop a headache or joint stiffness or other severe pain later on. And untreated head injury can be life-threatening and can kill within just a few hours. Soft tissue injuries can result in a lifetime of chronic pain. Unfortunately, for patients who do not get medical attention right away it can be difficult to prove that an accident has caused a specific injury. For this reason, if you may have sustained any sort of injury in an accident, it is important to get a full medical appraisal, even if you think you haven't been injured.

Do You Really Need A Personal Injury Attorney?

Even if you are covered by car insurance and you think that your insurance company will give you a fair amount for your injuries, is important to get legal advice before you make any final decisions about your case. In many cases, insurance companies are resolving cases inexpensively and quickly. They may not take into consideration the long-term costs of your injuries, the long-term lost wages you may suffer or future income opportunities you may lose due to your injuries.

Another problem is that many insurance companies resolve things so quickly that you may not understand the full extent of your injuries by the time you receive your insurance offer. It can be difficult to determine whether an insurance offer is fair if you're not even sure how much your injuries are likely to cost you. A personal injury attorney can review the strengths of your case as well is the likely total cost you will face and can give you an honest evaluation of your options so that you can make an informed decision for you and your family.

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