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Miami Lakes Truck Accident

Miami Lakes is a planned suburban community in Florida's Miami-Dade County. It is also considered one of the most attractive planned communities in the state because when developers first began developing the area in the 1960s, they paid close attention to aesthetics, creating a town center, winding streets, green spaces, and beautiful tree-lined avenues which residents still enjoy today. In fact, the community is still so popular today that development in the community continues, decades later.

While development in the community brings new residents and exciting new economic opportunities to Miami-Dade County, it also means that traffic in Miami Lakes can cause workplace and truck accidents. If you have been in a Miami Lakes truck accident, you owe it to yourself to focus fully on your recovery and your family. That's why the Flaxman Law Group takes care of cases from beginning to end. Our compassionate and experienced legal team can help you seek out legal solutions and compensation, can help you get answers about the accident, and can even help you find car repair options or transportation options after your accident. When you turn to the Flaxman Law Group, the Flaxman Law Group will stand behind you every step of the way.

Miami Lakes trucking accidents are often very complex from a legal perspective because there may be multiple liable parties involved. For example, the manufacturer of truck tires or truck components may be partly liable if a mechanical failure caused the accident. The truck driver may be partly liable if he or she drove recklessly. The truck carrier may also be partly liable if they have instituted practices that led to unsafe conditions. It often requires a good attorney as well as a team of private investigators to determine fault in this type of accident. Even once fault is established, truck companies and their insurance carriers are usually large and powerful organizations; it takes a qualified attorney to guide an individual through the processes needed to get a fair recovery.

The Flaxman Law Group has helped thousands of South Florida personal injury victims get fair compensation and our legal team has decades of experience in handling personal injury cases. Charles Flaxman of the Flaxman Law Group even has a decade of experience in the insurance industry, ensuring that he has the insurance industry knowledge that could be an asset when he is negotiating with your insurance carrier. Put experience and compassion to work for you; put the Flaxman Law Group to work for you on your Miami Lakes truck accident case.

Miami Lakes is only about15 minutes away from the Flaxman Law Group's offices in Miami. To visit the Flaxman Law Group offices, head west on Miami Lakes Dr and take a left at FL-826 S, then take exit FL-836 W. Follow the signs for FL-836 E/Airport Miami and merge onto FL-836 E, taking the exit for FL-959 S/NW 57th Ave/N Red Rd. Then, take a right onto Blue Lagoon Dr., and look for 6303 Blue Lagoon Dr., Suite 400; this is where the Flaxman Law Group has its offices.