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Miami Lakes Side Impact

A T-Bone car accident in Miami Springs can change your life in an instant, leaving you with medical bills, complicated insurance claims, and possibly permanent injury. If you have been injured, you need to act fast to avoid financial disaster later.

It Is Important To Contact A Personal Injury Right Away After Your Car Accident

At the Flaxman Law Group legal team, our attorneys frequently see the impact of waiting too long to call a personal injury attorney. Many people assume that car insurance will cover the costs and the expenses of their broadside car accident. Unfortunately, with the high cost of medical care and the complexity of some types of injuries, this is not necessarily the case.

Car insurance companies will often work to get a claim settled quickly and inexpensively. While it can be a big relief to get money for your injuries right away, that relief can turn to frustration and upset if you realize that your money does not cover the full cost of your injuries and you need to pay thousands of extra dollars or even tens of thousands of extra dollars in bills.

Don’t Sign Away Your Rights

Once you sign insurance documents and accept insurance money, you may lose the ability to pursue some forms of legal claims. This means that even if you realize down the line that your insurance money does not cover the full cost of your head injuries, spinal cord injuries, or other serious injuries, you may have little or no recourse in pursuing additional money.

This often leads to tragic situation in which someone who has been severely injured in an accident has a hard time making ends meet and feels terrible financial distress. Pursuing fair compensation is simply the smart thing to do. It ensures that you have the financial resources you need to recover fully and to pursue the best medical care possible.

Compensation can make all the difference when you recover from your car accident. It can secure a higher quality of medications, better prosthetics if you are an amputee, better medical treatment, and so forth. It also reduces the financial pressure so that you do not have to worry about money while you and your family focus on healing.

Calling a personal injury attorney quickly after your car accident ensures that you take every step possible to preserve your rights and to get the fairest compensation possible. Calling a personal injury attorney in Miami Springs right away also ensures that your attorney can build the strongest case possible for you.

The Flaxman Law Group understands how important it is to contact an attorney quickly after an accident. It's why the Flaxman Law Group has a phone staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can always reach a live person and get immediate legal advice when you need it. In addition, the Flaxman Law Group offers a free, no obligation case consultation for clients. This ensures that you get fast, personalized legal advice right away if you've been injured -- without having worry about the cost.