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Miami Lakes Work Injuries

Miami Lakes, in Florida’s Miami-Dade County, is a suburb of Miami. With a population of over 22,600 as of 2004, the city has been expanding and growing, attracting new residents through its proximity to Miami and its quiet streets. The land where the community is located was originally owned by Senator Ernest Graham. Since the early 1960s, the Graham Company (then known as Sengra) has been developing the area. Development continues today.

Like any other community, Miami Lakes sees its share of injuries, including workplace-related injuries. The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group have worked extensively with personal injury victims who have sustained injuries in office accidents, workplace violence incidents, and in construction site accidents in Miami Lakes and other communities. No matter where you work, you deserve a safe workplace. If you have been injured at work, you can always contact the Flaxman Law Group for legal advice and a case review.

What To Do if You are Injured at Work in Miami Lakes or Southern Florida

If you sustain any injury in the workplace, it is important to take the following steps:

  1. Get medical help. Even if you think you have not sustained a serious injury, it is important to get checked out by a doctor. Some injuries that do not produce symptoms right away are still very serious. Some patients with life-threatening head injuries in Miami Lakes, for example, sustain serious injuries or even die because they do not get medical help in time. In many cases, they fail to seek medical help because they do not have any apparent symptoms. Soft tissue injuries and other types of injuries may not have obvious symptoms, either, so it is important to get a medical opinion.
  2. Report your injuries to your supervisor right away and start the process of workers compensation claims if you need them. Delaying reporting your injuries can make it harder to prove your injury and can complicate your claim.
  3. Seek legal advice. The process of workers compensation claims in Miami Lakes can be complex. In some cases, employees have a difficult time getting fair compensation for their injuries and for lost wages. A personal injury attorney in Miami Lakes or your Florida community can help you explore all your legal options and can review the process with you.
Help for Workplace Injuries is Available

The Flaxman Law Group website is a powerful resource about work-related injuries. The Flaxman Law Group legal team has been working in the South Florida area for more than 25 years and has already recovered more than $25 million in compensation on behalf of thousands of work injury and personal injury victims. They have a network of professionals and experts to draw on. In addition, the Flaxman Law Group website and blogs provide a wealth of information about Florida laws, personal rights, and legal options available for personal injury victims. If you'd like to find out more about what the Flaxman Law Group can do for you, contact the Flaxman Law Group today for a free case evaluation.

You deserve a knowledgeable and dedicated personal injury attorney if you've been injured in a workplace accident. Charles Flaxman and the rest of the legal staff at the Flaxman Law Group have dedicated their lives to helping personal injury victims and workplace injury victims across South Florida. You can contact the Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your situation.