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Miami Gardens. Florida Physical Neglect

Families rely on nursing homes and other care facilities to provide their loved ones with quality care and treatment as well as a good standard of life. When staff at nursing homes and assisted living facilities are abusive or negligent, however, residents not only have a low quality of life but are also at risk of serious injury, infections, and other issues. Nursing home and assisted living abuse and neglect in Miami Gardens and Florida is a serious problem and one that deserves our full attention.

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What Personal Injury Claim Is Possible In Your Case?

Physical neglect claims can result in a number of nursing home abuse and neglect claims, including:

  • Wrongful death
  • Malnutrition
  • Personal injury claims
  • Physical abuse or assault claims
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Medical neglect claims

A qualified personal injury attorney in Miami Gardens or your community can thoroughly investigate the situation to find all wrongdoings and all liable parties in order to build the strongest case possible on behalf of you and your loved one.

Physical Neglect can Happen in Almost Any Care Setting

Physical neglect tends to affect those who are most vulnerable, but it can occur in almost any care setting, including:

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Retirement communities
  • Hospitals
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Day cares and other childcare facilities

Physical neglect is never excusable and is always a sign of limb negligence and recklessness. Physical neglect occurs when staff do not provide the basic necessities of life for a patient or resident, and there is simply no excuse for that. If you suspect that a loved one has been the victim of physical neglect, of course you will want to do everything you can to provide your loved one with the support and assistance that they need. One important step in this process is to consult with a personal injury attorney in your community to find out whether there are any legal options for you.

Pursuing a legal claim allows you to seek justice and lets you hold the negligent staff and liable parties accountable for their actions so that others are not injured in a similar way. Pursuing a legal claim also allows you to seek compensation so that you have the financial resources to help your loved one recover from the neglect that they have suffered.

If you have been injured, you could have more rights than you realize. It is important to get legal advice before you make any decisions, and the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group would like to make it easy for you to get legal advice with no cost and no obligation. It's why our full-service law firm offers free, no obligation case assessments to all new plaintiffs. Call today to arrange for your free consultation.