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Miami Gardens Mechanical Failure

The manufacturers of cars are large companies and they are expected to take every precaution to ensure that the cars rolling off their factory lots are mechanically sound and safe for your use. When manufacturers and car companies are negligent, serious accidents injuries can occur. For example, car manufacturers may design or build cars that are defective in some way. When a car component is defective and causes a mechanical failure to occur, people can be seriously injured or killed in the resulting car accidents in Miami Gardens and other communities.

Have you been injured in a serious traffic collision? In some cases, it may be obvious that your injuries were caused in part by mechanical failure. For example, if your brakes failed to act correctly or if your airbag did not inflate in a collision, it is clear that something went wrong. In other cases, however, it can be difficult to prove that mechanical failure played a role. To find out whether you have a legal claim and to find out more about your situation, you can get a personalized and free case consultation by contacting Flaxman Law Group today.

Mechanical Defects That Can Lead To Collisions

There are many types of mechanical defects that can lead to car accidents:

  • Airbags that fail to inflate properly
  • Seatbelts that fail to restrain a passenger car accident
  • Car seats that fail to protect a child
  • Malfunctioning brakes
  • Tire bloowouts
  • Overheating components
  • Engine failure

In many cases, manufacturers learn about defects and in some cases launch recalls in order to help protect customers against potential injuries. Sometimes, however, manufacturers know or should be aware of dangers but fail to act on them in time and as a result customers are harmed.

Proving Mechanical Failure After A Car Accident

Proving that mechanical failure has occurred is often tricky after a Miami Gardens traffic collision. Car manufacturers may frankly deny that there is any product defect in their products. Mechanics may also have conflicting opinions about what caused an accident or what has occurred. In many cases, car owners and plaintiffs may be eager to get their cars repaired after an accident, and this can destroy evidence.

Preserving the vehicle and having it inspected thoroughly by professionals and experts is important. Consulting with a personal injury attorney quickly after your car accident ensures that someone with expertise in the area can take a look at your car to determine what may have happened to contribute to your accident. Even if you're not sure whether you want to launch a legal claim, consider contacting a personal injury attorney so that you can review your options and find out how you can preserve your rights to fair compensation.

If you have been injured by your car’s mechanical failure, contact Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free consultation to review your case. You may have a product liability claim in Miami Gardens or your community against the car manufacturer. You may be able to recover money for your lost income, property damage, medical expenses, and more. To find out the details, contact our full-service law firm today by calling Flaxman Law Group.