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Miami Gardens Road Hazards

If you live in Miami Gardens, you probably pay local taxes to maintain the roads. You expect the roadways in your community to be properly maintained and built so that they are safe for you and your family. When your community and the contractors they hire are negligent, road hazards such as potholes and missing manhole covers can pose a serious danger to you and other drivers.

If you have been injured in a car accident that was caused by dangerous and preventable road hazard, you may have a legal claim against several liable parties. You may be able to seek compensation to help you pay for medical bills, lost work income, and more. To get details and to find out whether you qualify for a legal claim, you can arrange a free consultation by contacting the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group.

Injuries Caused by Road Hazards in Miami Gardens

In some cases, car accidents caused by road hazards are a defining moment in life – one during which an entire family’s future course is changed forever. Injuries resulting from traffic accidents result not only in serious injuries, but can also leave a family struggling to pay the bills and dealing with the emotional upheaval of a seriously injured family member. In some cases, tragedy strikes and family members you lose a loved one due to the seriousness of an accident.

Seeking Justice After a Car Crash

While nothing will bring back a lost loved one or turn back the hands of time, there are many things that families can do after a devastating car accident. If the accident was caused by road hazards or by another preventable cause, you may be able to launch a personal injury claim in Miami Gardens or your community. Depending on the specifics of your case, you may be able to pursue multiple liable parties in your claim, including:

  • The at-fault driver and their insurer
  • The municipality where the accident took place
  • The manufacturer of the car
  • The contractors tasked with maintaining or taking care of the roads
  • Other liable parties

In addition, you may be able to negotiate with insurance carriers in your case. Just because an insurance company has made an offer, that does not mean that you must accept the offer. You can work with a personal injury attorney to seek fairer compensation.

In fact, if you have been injured you will want to contact a personal injury attorney right away. An attorney can review your case and tell you whether you have a claim. They can help you understand the true likely costs of your injuries and can help you explore any options you may have for getting fair compensation for those injuries. If you decide to pursue a legal claim or negotiate with insurance carriers, a lawyer can take care of these tasks for you, making use of their legal experience to improve your chances of getting fairer compensation.

Flaxman Law Group attorneys have dealt with many families who have been seriously injured due to road hazards and traffic accidents. If you would like to discuss your situation with a personal injury attorney, contact Flaxman Law Group at any time to arrange for a free consultation. Our attorneys have more than 60 years of combined legal experience and trial experience. They have already recovered more than $100 million combined on behalf of thousands of personal injury plaintiffs across South Florida.