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Miami Gardens Side Impact

Recovering from a T-bone or side-impact car accident can be extremely difficult. These types of car accidents typically involve severe injuries, such as head injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and other permanent injuries. These accidents are also likely to lead to fatal injuries.

This is because with a T-bone accident, these crashes are often caused by a driver who was speeding through red light or stop sign. The high speed as well as the lack of crumple zone at the side of a vehicle can lead to serious injuries for the passengers. In many cases, passengers sustain blunt force trauma, crushing, or other severe types of injury.

If you have been injured in a T-bone accident, contact the Flaxman Law Group to review your options with a personal injury attorney. Your injuries may require months of recovery time and may be very expensive. Florida law allows you to seek compensation for lost income, medical bills, and other expenses. Let the Flaxman Law Group tell you more in a free consultation.

Recovering After a Broadside Collision

Recovery after a T-bone accident can be slow due to the severity of the injuries likely sustained. These types of injuries also tend to result in expensive medical treatments. People who have been severely injured after a side-impact accident may have several types of expenses, including:

  • Emergency medical services
  • Surgery
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages or lost income
  • Prosthetics and other medical devices
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Property damage
  • Car repair costs
Expenses After A Car Accident May Be Higher Than You Realize

These expenses can easily add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Consider that someone who has sustained a severe spinal cord injury in Miami Gardens, for example, can expect to pay $100,000 or more in the first year of injury alone. For this reason, it is very important to pursue all possible avenues for fair compensation.

If someone else has caused your car accident due to their negligence or recklessness, Florida law states that you do not have to face the cost of your injuries alone. You may have a right to seek compensation and damages for your injuries so that you can afford quality medical care as you start on the process of healing.

If you have a legal claim in your situation, a personal injury attorney can help give you legal advice and can help handle your claim so that you get fair compensation. An attorney can also take care of all the details, so that you are free to focus on getting better and on dealing with the emotional aftermath of your situation.

Being severely injured in a car accident is a life-changing and terrifying event. But you don't have to go through the process alone. The professional and compassionate attorneys at the Flaxman Law Group work tirelessly on behalf of traffic accident and personal injury victims, helping them get the resources and legal advocacy that they deserve. We will aggressively fight for your rights to ensure that you get the future that you deserve. Contact the Flaxman Law Group today for a free consultation to review your case with a personal injury attorney. Your first consultation is free and comes with no obligation, so you risk nothing by speaking with an attorney to get legal advice.