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Miami Gardens Nursing Home Abuse

Miami Gardens in South Florida has a great climate as well as many green spaces. Located close to Miami, Miami Gardens is a community that offers easy access to all the amenities of the big city, but also offers a pleasant escape away from the urban space.

Many Miami Gardens nursing homes are designed to be safe and efficient. However, the news is filled with stories about Florida nursing home abuse and neglect victims. Miami Gardens nursing home and abuse victims can be the victims of financial abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and emotional abuse. Miami Gardens nursing home abuse and neglect leads many symptoms, including:

1) Weight loss. In cases of neglect, malnutrition is a common concern. Negligent homes may try to cut costs by restricting access to food or by reducing the quality of food, which can lead to weight loss and overall weakness for residents.

2) Unexplained Miami Gardens slip and fall accidents. In cases where nursing homes fail to provide safe conditions, falls may be a common problem. Nursing homes should have easy to access grab bars, non-slip surfaces on flooring, assistance available to residents in the bathroom, and other precautions to ensure that residents do not slip and fall. Miami Gardens slip and fall accidents are a common cause of hip fractures, Miami Gardens head injuries, and other severe injuries, so it is important not to overlook this common type of accident.

3) Bed sores. This can be a sign of neglect on the part of the nursing home staff.

4) Unexplained injuries or bruises. These can be a symptom of physical or sexual assault by another resident or by staff.

5) Illegal restraints. Residents should be able to walk around on their own, if they are physically able, and should be allowed as much mobility and freedom as their physical condition allows. Unreasonable restraints are often a sign of physical or emotional abuse as well as neglect.

6) Overdosing or under dosing of medications. This can have serious complications for any resident with a medical condition, and is often an indication of understaffing or an under-experienced staff at a nursing home.

7) Poor physical hygiene. Body odor, ungroomed hair, stains on clothing, and other symptoms of poor personal hygiene suggest that a resident is neglected and is not provided with the support to take care of themselves. Neglect can be especially dangerous in a nursing home, as it can lead to secondary injuries such as slip and falls and other accidents.

If an elderly loved one tells you that they have been the victim of mistreatment or if you see any symptoms of mistreatment, it is important to follow up with a thorough investigation to determine whether mistreatment is taking place. If you do believe or find that your elderly loved one may be the victim of Miami Gardens elder abuse or neglect, contact the Flaxman Law Group immediately. The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group can bring the full weight of the law to bear in holding those responsible liable for their abuse and negligence. The Flaxman Law Group can investigate whether the employees or owner of the facility failed to meet the duty of assistance to your family. They can help document whether the failure caused an injury, and can determine whether the employee or the owner of the facility caused an injury.

The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group have decades of experience in working with Florida and Miami Gardens personal injury victims. If you believe that your elderly loved one has been the victim of abuse and neglect, the legal team will work in a dedicated and professional manner to ensure that the case is investigated and thoroughly documented. The compassionate and caring staff will work hard to fight for your rights to the fullest extent of the law and will help you take the steps you need to find a new, safe facility for your elderly loved one.