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Miami Gardens Bus Accident

Miami Gardens is known for its warm climate and its many green spaces. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the South Florida city for its restaurants, shops, and attractions. With quiet residential streets and much to see and do, Miami Gardens is a great place to visit or live.

Like all cities in Florida, Miami Gardens has a fair amount of bus traffic. During tourist season, bus tours take visitors to the area's attractions. All years long, public buses ferry residents around while school buses take children to and from school. The traffic means that Miami Gardens sees its fair share of bus accidents for a city of its size.

There are two main types of Miami Gardens bus accidents. The first is essentially a Miami Gardens pedestrian accident and it occurs when a bus strikes a pedestrian. Often, this occurs when a pedestrian is crossing the street or entering or exiting a bus. The second type of bus accident occurs when a bus is in a collision and passengers are injured inside the bus.

No matter what kind of Miami Gardens bus accident you have been in, if you have sustained injuries it is important to seek medical attention at once. Bus accidents can often cause devastating injuries, including soft tissue injuries, Miami Gardens spinal cord injuries, broken bones, Miami Gardens head injuries, abrasions, burns, internal injuries, and even fatal injuries.

In many cases, buses are owned either by large corporations or even by government entities. This can make it daunting if you want to recover a fair settlement for your injuries. The bus company has attorneys who represent their interests and insurance carriers who look out for them. They may try to defend any negligence on the part of the bus companies or may try to settle your claim for very little. For these reasons, it is important to discuss your case with an experienced Miami Gardens personal injury attorney before speaking with an insurance company or representatives of the bus company. A qualified Miami Gardens personal injury attorney can help you understand your options and how much your case may be worth. A good attorney can also represent you so that you have someone advocating for your best interests.

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