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Miami Private Buses

Companies operating shuttle and other private bus services are required to have insurance so that you are protected if your driver is in a crash. Unfortunately, many people who are involved in these types of traffic collisions in Miami and Florida find that they have trouble getting answers or compensation after their crash.

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The Challenges of Getting Justice and Compensation After a Private Bus Accident in Miami or Florida

Many things may prevent you from getting the fair compensation you deserve if you have been in a motor vehicle accident while being ferried about in a private bus or shuttle:

1) You may be from out of town. It can be harder to deal with an insurance claim if you are out of town, and your state may have different rules regarding insurance and car accidents when compared with Florida. You will want a local attorney who is familiar with the local system and can help you, even after you return home.

2) The insurance company for the bus will try to eliminate the damage. Insurance companies that extend coverage to large companies such as bus operators are large businesses. They make the most money by getting insurance premiums from clients and not paying out the full amount possible in every case. In some instances, you may find that your claim is undervalued or denied, even if you have a legitimate claim. A personal injury attorney can be a benefit in these situations, since a lawyer will know all the laws and regulations that insurance companies must abide by in your case. An attorney also understands how much your case may be worth and is experienced in negotiating with insurance carriers.

3) Evidence may go missing. A private bus accident can involve many parties, including multiple passengers, witnesses, emergency responders, a bus company, a driver, multiple insurance carriers, other motorists, and more. With all the confusion that can occur immediately following a collision, important evidence may go missing and witnesses may become confused or may eventually forget the details of what they saw. A personal injury attorney can secure evidence and subpoena any liable parties to secure evidence before it goes missing.

4) The bus company or insurance company may be working with attorneys. A larger bus company and all insurance companies will have legal teams that protect them and help them avoid liability as well as legal claims. It can be intimidating to be approached after a serious accident by an attorney who tries to get you to sign a settlement or other offer. A personal injury attorney in these cases can be invaluable, as he or she can ensure that you do not sign away your rights and can ensure that your interests are protected.

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