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Miami Medical Neglect

Medical neglect and medical malpractice in Miami and Florida can result in serious and even life-threatening conditions. In some cases, patients may not get adequate care, diagnostic testing, or treatment in time and can suffer life-threatening injuries or complications as a result. In some cases, patients die because medical neglect leads to serious infections or complications.

In all cases where medical neglect or medical malpractice community occurs, it is important to get answers and to find out what went wrong. If you have a legal claim, it may be important to pursue that legal claim in order to hold accountable parties liable to ensure that others are not injured in a similar way. The attorneys of Flaxman Law Group would like to invite you to review your situation with one of our personal injury attorneys. We can help you understand whether you have a claim and we can help you explore all of your legal remedies and options.

What is Medical Neglect in Miami and Florida?

Medical neglect can take a number of forms:

  • Over medication
  • Under medication
  • Refusal of medical services to someone who is ill
  • Incorrect medication or incorrectly timed medication
  • Not providing a patient or resident with the medication prescribed by a doctor

In many cases, medical neglect can have dire consequences. Someone who has a serious medical condition and does not get the medication that they need on time and in the method prescribed could face serious complications. Someone who is overmedicated can also develop serious drug interactions and other issues that can lead to devastating injuries and conditions.

The Effects of Medical Neglect Can be Serious

Medical neglect can have dire consequences for patients who have serious conditions:

  • A patient with diabetes can go into shock or coma if medication is administered incorrectly
  • A patient with high blood pressure or cholesterol can suffer from a stroke or heart attack if they are not given the correct treatment for their condition
  • A patient with a tooth cavity or infection can develop serious life-threatening infection known as sepsis without proper care
  • A patient who has had a serious medical treatment or surgery may suffer from infection or even fatal injury if they are not given proper post-operative care
  • A patient with undetected cancer may be unable to treat the cancer successfully if the illness is not noticed or treated in time
  • A patient with blood clots may lose a leg or may die if the blood clot is not noticed and treated in a timely fashion
  • A patient with appendicitis may suffer from a fatality if they are not rushed to the emergency room immediately
  • A patient with chest pains or other serious symptoms may suffer from a fatal heart attack or other fatal injury if they are not rushed to the emergency room
  • A patient with a broken bone may suffer from permanent disability or may even succumb to a fatality without proper medical treatment

Flaxman Law Group offers compassionate and dedicated representation to families who have suffered from nursing home negligence and abuse and other forms of medical neglect across South Florida. If you think you may have a claim or have questions and concerns about your situation, contact Flaxman Law Group today for a free case assessment.