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Miami Blind Spots

Blind spot accidents occur when a driver fails to check their blind spots. This may occur when they are backing up, changing lanes, or performing other risky maneuvers that require them to be aware of what is going around their vehicle. If you are in someone's blind spot during a car accident in Miami or your community, you may have a legal claim if the driver was negligent in some way. Pursuing fair compensation in your case may help you recover money for medical bills, lost income, and the many other expenses you may face as a result of your injuries.

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What Makes Blind Spot Car and Truck Crashes in Miami so Dangerous?

Blind spot car accidents often cause severe injuries and, in some cases, fatalities. There are a number of reasons why these types of crashes are so dangerous:

1) Blind spot car accidents can involve a smaller vehicle such as a passenger car and a larger vehicle such as a tractor-trailer or big rig. Commercial trucks have quite a few no zones or blind spots, and when passenger cars are in these blind spots truck drivers may not notice them in time to prevent an accident

2) Blind spot car accidents tend to be broadside collisions. Unfortunately, passengers are not very well protected in these types of collisions, even with passenger side airbags. There is little to no crumple zone available in this type of collision, and the flying glass and the debris from the accident can cause lacerations while the impact can cause life-threatening injuries to the occupants of the vehicle.

3) Blind spot car accidents tend to happen on highways and other areas where people are speeding up in order to pass. The high speed can increase the force of the impact and can create a deadly combination.

4) Blind spot accidents usually occur because one driver does not notice the other driver in time. Therefore, the driver may not have time to make evasive maneuvers or any type of maneuvers to lessen the impact of the collision.

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