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Miami Amputations

An amputation is often a last-ditch effort to save a patient’s life. It can occur after a car accident in Miami or after a serious infection, illness, or trauma. While it can save a life, loss of limb can also pose risks and complications itself. Even as a patient recovers, loss of limb can affect a person’s ability to return to their daily life.

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Challenges after Loss of Limb Injuries in Miami

Victims of amputation in Florida often deal with a number of issues, including:

1) Income loss.

In many cases, amputees are unable to return to work right away. Even with prosthetics, it may be in fact impossible for a victim to return to their previous employment and career. It can take months or years in order to retrain for new career and even then there's no guarantee that the income will reach the same levels. For this reason, it is important to speak with a personal injury attorney in Miami who can review your case and can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

2) Medical issues.

Amputations and limb loss pose a number of medical problems, including the risk of infection, complications, and other problems. Victims who have lost a leg or arm after a car or truck accident in Miami may find that they are depressed, need to relearn basic daily activities, and generally find their lives turned upside down. In addition, victims may require multiple surgeries, doctors’ visits, visits to specialists, and other types of medical care. Most victims also require prosthetics or other medical devices, and in some cases it can be difficult to secure insurance money for these costs. In addition, amputation brings risks of its own. Unfortunately, some amputees fall victim to medical negligence in Miami and may end up facing infection and other problems.

3) Insurance denials.

In some cases, insurance carriers will refuse to pay for all of the long-term costs amputees face. For example, insurance carriers may refuse to pay for prosthetics, prosthetic replacements, and other necessary devices and medical treatment over the lifetime of the patient. In these cases, it is important to have an experienced personal injury attorney by your side to fight for your rights.

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