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Miami Bus Accident

Miami is the largest city in Florida and one the largest cities in the US. Known all over the world for its parks, beaches, and vibrant night life, the city has won numerous awards as a tourist destination. It attracts millions of visitors each year and is also home to many celebrities as well as millions of non-famous residents. While Miami is known as a very modern city, it also has a rich culture and heritage, as well as a very diverse population.

Since Miami is known as one of the biggest tourist destinations in the Southern US, it sees more traffic – especially bus traffic – than many other cities. Visitors rely on shuttles and buses to see the city and to get to their destination from the airport. Many tour bus operators run special tours throughout the city, and since Miami is a major port of call many visitors use shuttles and buses to get from their cruise ship to tourist attractions.

The heavy bus traffic does mean that Miami sees serous bus accidents almost every day. Miami bus accidents cause serious injuries, and, in some cases, fatalities. These types of Miami traffic accidents can cause broken bones, amputations, Miami head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and more. A Miami bus crash can literally change a person’s life in an instant, leaving them bereaved or with a permanent injury.

There are many things that make bus accidents different from Miami car accidents. One of the biggest factors is that while cars are generally owned by an individual, buses can be owned by many different types of organizations. They can be owned by school districts, governments, private tour bus companies, or other groups. In some cases, complex liability issues arise simply because of who owns the bus that is involved in an accident. In almost all cases, bus owners are protected by powerful insurance carriers and, in some cases, unions. This is why an experienced Miami personal injury attorney is needed if you have been injured in a Miami bus accident.

The Flaxman Law Group is pleased to offer families and their loved ones free, no obligation consultations. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Miami bus accident, you can take advantage of this free consultation to learn more about your rights and options. You can meet for your consultation at the Miami offices of the Flaxman Law Group, or, if you are too injured to travel, the legal team can visit your home, office, or hospital room. The Flaxman Law Group is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via phone so that you can speak with someone immediately about your Miami accident and injury.

After a Miami traffic accident, it is important to understand your rights. It is best to contact the Flaxman Law Group as soon as possible after your accident. Your initial consultation is free and comes with no obligation. It allows you to get answers and to learn more so that you can determine what course of action is best for your family.