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Miami Beach Sexual Assault

Rape, sexual assault, and physical assault and battery occur each year in Miami Beach and throughout South Florida. Sexual assault and rape, especially, can be a harrowing and traumatizing event, one that leads to trauma as well as physical injury. Survivors of this crime are often frustrated by a criminal justice system that allows perpetrators – even repeat offenders – to be released on bail or to face little real punishment. In these cases, the civil justice system can provide an avenue for seeking justice and compensation.

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Sexual Assault in Miami Beach and Florida Leads to Devastating Trauma and Injury

In addition to being an act of violence, sexual assault is also mentally and emotionally traumatizing. Survivors of sexual assault may experience fear, depression, and other challenges as well as physical injury.

Sexual assault survivors, however, do have options. In many cases, if the perpetrator is caught, a survivor may seek to have criminal charges brought against the attacker. In addition, survivors may be able to launch a civil claim against the perpetrator and against other liable parties. Even if the perpetrator is never caught, sexual assault survivors may be able to pursue compensation from any negligent parties who allowed the assault to happen.

Sexual assault can result in many types of injury and damages, including:
  • Physical injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Genital injuries
  • STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections)
  • Property damage or theft

Survivors of sexual assault are often focused on getting to safety and on dealing with the emotional impact of their injuries. However, the reality is that sexual assault also often results in long-term medical issues and concerns. Someone who has survived a sexual assault, for example, may need to be tested for STI's. They may need to have bones set if they have suffered fractures or other injuries that may take months or weeks to heal.

In addition, survivors may need therapy or counseling in order to deal with the emotional impact of their assault. Seeking compensation in these cases becomes an important way to secure the compensation needed to pay for all of these services, giving survivors the best chance of recovering as fully as possible from their injuries.

Seeking Justice after Rape or Sexual Assault?

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