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Miami Beach Elder Abuse

Elder abuse in Miami Beach or any community in Florida can be defined as harm done to an elderly person by a caregiver or by someone who is in a relationship with the senior. Of course, we all hope that neglect and abuse will never affect someone we care about, but the reality is that elder abuse is far more widespread – and more difficult to notice and stop – than many people realize. We all have a role to play in stopping this terrible form of abuse.

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Where Can You Turn for Help if You Suspect Elder Abuse?

There are several places where you can seek answers and help:

  • The assisted living facility or nursing home where the senior lives. If a loved one is in a nursing home or assisted living facility and you suspect abuse, it is important to ask staff and managers for answers. Report unexplained bruises, lacerations, illnesses, and other potential signs of abuse and ask for follow-up information. Keep copies of any correspondence. If the nursing home or assisted living facility fails to react adequately to the threat, you will have evidence that they knew of the problem but did not take action.
  • The police. If you suspect abuse, contact the police. Police departments usually have a department or officers dedicated to dealing with issues related to seniors. They can help you find out whether you have the option of pursuing criminal charges.
  • A doctor. Speak with your family member’s doctor about any unexplained illness or injury and about any signs of abuse you see. A doctor will be able to offer treatment for any injury and may be able to help you find local resources and help. They can also help document the physical signs of abuse.
  • Local advocacy groups for seniors. Both a doctor and police may be able to help you find local groups for seniors. These groups can help advocate for your loved one and can help you determine what options you have. They can also help provide support for your family.
  • Attorneys. You will want legal advice about your situation, especially if you decide to pursue a claim. A personal injury attorney in Miami Beach or your community can help you find local resources, can help you understand your rights, and can help you pursue a claim against those who are responsible for the abuse.
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