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Miami Beach Overweight / Overload Trucks

Overloaded and overweight trucks can cause horrible problems for motorists in Miami Beach or your community. If you have been injured because of a truck accident or have had a loved one injured due to an overweight or overloaded truck, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to recover any money for damages that you have sustained.

If you would like to find out what your legal options are, it is important to speak to a skilled personal injury attorney. A skilled personal injury attorneys understands the steps needed to secure your rights. The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group are available to guide you through the legal and insurance process. In addition to more than 60 years of combined experience, our attorneys have a compassionate approach to all plaintiffs. Our aim is to make you comfortable as you pursue fair compensation for your damages.

How Overloaded Trucks Cause Collisions

There are many ways that overloaded trucks can cause accidents:

  • They can cause damage to roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, which can lead to secondary accidents
  • Cargo can spill or fall from a truck, causing chain reaction accidents or accidents involving the vehicle behind the truck
  • Overloaded trucks may be more prone to rollovers
  • Overloaded trucks may speed up dangerously when going downhill or may have a harder time getting uphill, interrupting the smooth flow of traffic and potentially causing an accident
  • Overloaded trucks may be harder to control and stop, meaning that truck drivers may have a harder time avoiding collisions
  • Overloaded trucks and trucks with incorrectly loaded cargo can spill or lose some of their cargo, sometimes causing the vehicles and behind them to crash
If You Have Been Injured In A Truck Accident, You Need To Speak To A Personal Injury Attorney In Miami Beach Or Your Community

Even if you have excellent medical coverage and car insurance coverage, keep in mind that a truck accident can be extremely expensive. A truck accident caused by an overweight or overloaded truck, especially, is likely to cause serious or permanent injury due to the size and force of the truck involved. It is unlikely that an insurance carrier will pay out the maximum amount possible under Florida law in these cases.

In fact, insurance carriers may please their shareholders more and make larger profits if they undervalue claims. Speaking with a personal injury attorney in your community helps you understand how much your case may be worth and helps you to explore all your options – including insurance – for getting compensation and resources in your case. It could be one of the most important phone calls you make after your accident, so contact a personal injury attorney today.

Would you like a free case evaluation from a personal injury attorney to discuss what options you have after your truck accident? The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have more than six decades of combined experience helping personal injury plaintiffs secure compensation after catastrophic injury. If you would like to know your legal options or would simply like some help with the insurance process, contact Flaxman Law Group today to arrange your free case evaluation.