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Miami Beach Unsafe Lane Changing Accidents

When drivers make lane changes, they are expected to do so only where there is room in order to make a legal lane change and they are expected to check their blind spots and check for oncoming traffic before they leave their lane. Unfortunately, due to drunk driving, distracted driving, and simple negligence some drivers fail to take these simple precautions and cause hit and run accidents, broadside collisions in Miami Beach, and other types of accidents across Florida due to their negligent driving.

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Why Motorists Change Lanes Unsafely

There are many reasons why unsafe lane change accidents occur. These can include:

  • Negligent, impatient, or reckless motorists
  • An accident up ahead that causes a motorist to swerve
  • Road debris
  • Bad road conditions or potholes that cause a driver to lose control and enter another lane
  • An animal running across the road
  • A driver having a medical emergency and losing control of their vehicle

In many cases, however, unsafe lane changes occur because a driver does not bother to check their blind spots, does not bother to signal, or otherwise drives negligently and take the lives of other drivers into their hands. In these cases, the at-fault driver and their insurance company can be held liable and a plaintiff can pursue a legal claim to get compensation for their injuries.

Multiple Vehicle Lane Change Collisions

One of the challenges that make lane change collision so dangerous is that they are often chain reaction or multiple vehicle collisions. What often happens when one motorist makes an unsafe lane change is that surrounding motorists see the potential for a collision and swerve out of the way, causing more collisions. In addition, an unsafe lane change can cause a rollover accident or another single vehicle accident that then causes a chain reaction of collisions.

Unfortunately, in multiple vehicle accidents, there are multiple points of impact, multiple injured plaintiffs, and a larger possibility of serious injury. In some lane change collisions that lead to multiple vehicle crashes, cars are crushed due to the force of impact and passengers are trapped inside their cars, making their injuries even more severe. After this type of accident, it is not uncommon for injured parties to have a hard time recovering compensation and seeking justice in their cases.

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