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Miami Beach Braking Failure

Truck drivers and other motorists rely on truck brakes to ensure that trucks stop in time in order to avoid an accident. When truck drivers are negligent in braking correctly or when a truck’s brakes fail due to incorrect maintenance, poor manufacturing, or bad design, passengers in passenger cars as well as motorcyclists often pay the price. A truck has enough size and force to crush a smaller vehicle and its occupants.

If you have been seriously injured in a traffic accident in Miami Beach or Florida caused by incorrect braking technique or brake failure, contact Flaxman Law Group at any time of the day or night in order to arrange a free case consultation or even to get-over-the phone legal advice. Your initial consultation is absolutely free and comes with no obligation. We will never pressure you in order to work with our law firm, although if you do decide to file a legal claim, our full-service law firm has a network of private investigators, accident reconstruction experts, and other professionals that can be put to work on your case.

Where to Turn for Help After a Brake-Related Car, Truck, or Motorcycle Collision in Miami Beach

If you have been injured in a car crash, you can rely on help from the authorities, hospitals, and doctors. If your injuries are serious, emergency medical responders will work with you to help stabilize you and get you to the hospital. There, doctors may be able to help you and you may be able to access medical and support services such as support groups, counseling, physical therapy, and other needed services.

In addition, your insurance carrier and health coverage may be able to help you pay for some of your medical costs. The question is how many of your medical costs will be covered in this manner? For many people who have been seriously injured in a car or truck accident, it ends up being too little. Many people find that they need to work with a personal injury attorney in order to get fair compensation for their injuries.

Act Quickly After a Serious Traffic Crash

If you have suffered a serious injury due to braking failure or incorrect braking technique, is important to get a medical evaluation medical attention right away. Injuries sustained in these types of accidents tend to be devastating, and the sooner you can get a proper diagnosis and start treatment, the better your chances are of making a good recovery from your injuries.

Even if you think you have walked away from a truck accident with no injuries, it is important to get a full medical evaluation. Unfortunately, some serious and even life-threatening injuries do not always have symptoms right away. For example, some brain injury patients walk away from a traffic accident only to develop a headache and collapse within hours of the initial collision.

In addition to getting medical help, you will want to get legal advice so that you can seek full compensation for your injuries. If you need to speak with a personal injury attorney, contact Flaxman Law Group at any time for a free case assessment.