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Margate Personal Injury

Margate, Florida is a community with more than 50 years or history and more than 105 acres of parks and green spaces. Located 15 miles north west of Fort Lauderdale, has many special events for Memorial Day, the fourth of July, and other holidays. These events are often hosted in the city's many parks. The city also has recreational facilities, boat ramps, and other facilities for visitors and residents.

Unfortunately, Margate personal injuries and accidents can rob residents not only of their enjoyment of community but also of financial security. Margate personal injury patients often find themselves facing lost income, long hospital stays, property damage, medical bills, and a host of other expenses. Insurance may not cover all these costs - at least initially - which is why it is so important to contact a qualified Margate personal injury attorney at once.

A good Margate personal injury attorney from the Flaxman Law Group can help you investigate your case and can help you determine the true costs of your injury. A Margate personal injury attorney from the Flaxman Law Group can also help you understand your rights and legal options, so that you can make the best possible decision for you. If you need expert witnesses, private investigators, or other professional help in your case, an experienced Margate personal injury attorney can help ensure that you receive this support.

The full service law firm, the Flaxman Group, is committed to helping Margate accident and injury victims every step of the way. When you contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation, we can even offer immediate help. There is always someone standing by the phones to ensure that you can reach a real person at the Flaxman Law Group when you really need to speak with someone who knowledgeable and compassionate. The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group have successfully helped thousands of personal injury patients across Florida, ensuring that we have the experience and legal knowledge that Margate personal injury patients need.

Margate, Florida is located about 25 minutes away from the Hollywood law offices of the Flaxman Group. To make the drive, drive southwest on E River Drive, take a left onto Margate Boulevard and then a right onto FL-7 S. Then, take a left at W Atlantic Boulevard, take a slight right onto the Florida Turnpike S ramp, headed towards Miami.
Merge onto the Florida Turnpike/Ronald Reagan Turnpike and take the exit for FL-820/Hollywood Boulevard toward Pines Blvd (exit 49).Take a right at FL-820 E/Hollywood Boulevard and then a left at FL-7 N. Take a right at Johnson Street and drive to 5715 Johnson Street, where the Flaxman Law Group is located.