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Homestead Protruding Objects

Protruding objects are more than just an annoyance or an eyesore. If they are on a business property or private property, they can pose a serious trip and fall hazard. Each year, people suffer serious head injuries in Homestead as well as other serious injuries because of protruding objects.

Have you suffered a serious injury because of an object on the floor? Contact Flaxman Law Group attorneys to find out whether you have a legal claim. Florida law may allow you to seek compensation to pay for medical costs, lost income, and other expenses and seeking these financial resources can be important in helping you secure the best possible medical care as well as the financial resources you need to make a full recovery.

What Has Lead to Your Injuries?

There are many types of protruding objects that can lead to a trip and fall accident:

  • Untrimmed hedges or plants on a walkway
  • Paving stones and other protruding objects on walkways
  • Tiles that have become unglued from a floor
  • Low-level lights on walkways that pose a tripping hazard
  • Decorations on floors that pose a tripping hazard
  • Debris

Property owners are expected to take reasonable precautions to make their properties safe. Business owners, especially, have considerable responsibilities to ensure that their premises are safe for patrons, clients, and other visitors. Property owners may be expected to:

  • Check the property routinely for any possible hazards such as protruding objects
  • Respond to any warnings or any signs of potential hazards
  • Properly maintain the property
  • Promptly fix protruding objects and other hazards
  • Set up signs around protruding objects or uneven floors that cannot be fixed right away
  • Warn visitors of any hazards that cannot be fixed right away
  • Put warning signs over unsafe areas or areas where customers and other visitors should not visit
What Can You Do if You Have Been Injured?

When property owners fail to act responsibly, serious injuries can be the result. If you have suffered a devastating injury because of a protruding object or other hazard on a property, Contact Flaxman Law Group. If you are on the premises as a visitor, customer, or otherwise legally on the property you may have a personal injury claim. Seeking compensation can help hold property owners responsible for their actions and can help make important safety changes. It can also ensure that you have money to pay for quality medical care.

You will want to consult with a personal injury attorney in Homestead quickly after your injury in order to get legal advice and representation in your case. A personal injury attorney can negotiate with insurance carriers, can investigate the injury, can aggressively pursue your case, can file a legal claim and pursue it, and can help you pursue compensation through any means necessary. In some cases, there may be multiple liable parties in your case, and a personal injury attorney can pursue all these liable parties so that you have a better chance of getting fair compensation.

Are you looking for a premises liability attorney in Homestead or another South Florida community? Contact Flaxman Law Group at any time of the day or night for a free, no obligation consultation.