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Homestead Dog Bites

Dog owners have a responsibility to ensure that their pets are not a danger to the public. Unfortunately, some dog owners do not train their jobs properly, fail to restrain their pets, or allow dogs with aggressive histories and aggressive behaviors to attack others.

If you have been injured in an animal attack or have been bitten by a dog, contact Flaxman Law Group to find out about Florida laws which allow you to seek compensation for your injuries. Flaxman Law Group attorneys have more than 60 years of experience representing families and plaintiffs just like you in personal injury claims. In fact, our legal team has already recovered more than $100 million on behalf of plaintiffs across South Florida through our offices in Homestead, Hollywood, and Miami.

Injuries in Dog Bite Cases May be More Serious Than you Think

Dog bites lead to many types of injuries, including:

  • Head injuries
  • Fractures
  • Abrasions
  • Disfigurement
  • Scarring
  • Eye injuries

Unfortunately, dog bites tend to affect children more than adults, since children often don't know how to avoid animal attacks and dog bites. Children may approach strange dogs because they're curious or fond of animals, only to find themselves attacked by the animal. Due to their small size, children are especially vulnerable to head injuries and other serious injuries from animal attacks and may even sustain fatal or permanent injuries as a result of dog bites.

In addition to the immediate injuries sustained in a dog bite or animal attack, some animal bites do lead to complications, infection, or even long-term injury if a person contract rabies or another illness through the bite. Some bites are severe enough to cause injury to muscles and bones, leading to long-term injury.

Who is Liable in My Case?

In most dog bite cases, owners can be held liable for any injuries that their dogs inflict, unless:

  • The dog was provoked
  • The dog was defending themselves or their owner
  • The victim was an adult who was trespassing on the property at the time of the attack

In addition to dog owners, there may be other liable parties in the case. For example, landlords may be liable for any injuries that their tenants’ dogs inflict, if a dog has a history of aggression. In some cases, property owners may also be responsible for dog attacks on their property. In cases where a dog has been declared a dangerous dog because of a history of past aggression, caregivers for the dog may be held partly liable if they take the pet out without proper restraints, muzzle, leashes, and other precautions.

The cost of a dog bite or animal attack can be significant. You may need to lose time at work because of your injuries and you may require surgery, medical care, and multiple visits to specialists in order to recover. If a dog owner was negligent in ensuring that their dog was properly restrained, you may be able to seek compensation so that you do not have to pay for these costs out-of-pocket.

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