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Homestead Elder Abuse

Elder abuse in Homestead is unfortunately quite prevalent and can take place in assisted-living facilities, nursing homes, and even in the home. Perpetrators can include other elderly residents, spouses, caregivers, and even family members. All too often, abuse only comes to light when catastrophic injuries occur. In many cases, the elderly victims are simply too ashamed, too ill, or too upset by the abuse in order to report their perpetrators.

Has An Elderly Loved One Been The Victim Of Abuse?

Your priority should be to get them to safety and to secure financial resources so that you can pay for counseling, medical care, and other expenses related to their injuries. To find out whether you have a claim, contact Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights. Your case may be worth more than you think and the financial resources you get from compensation can help you care for your elderly loved one.

What is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse can include:

  • Sexual abuse and assault
  • Financial abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Negligence or withholding the necessities of life
  • Emotional abuse or verbal abuse

There are many reasons why elder abuse occurs:

  • Understaffing in nursing homes and assisted living facilities
  • Mental problems experienced by caregivers or staff
  • Incorrect screening and training of staff or caregivers
  • Lack of supervision to prevent abuse from taking place
  • Lack of clear policies to prevent abuse
  • Financial problems faced by staff or caregivers
  • Frustration or overwork by staff or caregivers

There is no excuse for abuse in any form. If you suspect that an elderly loved one is the victim of abuse, is important to get your family member to safety and to start helping them heal from their abuse. Your loved one may acquire medical attention for their injuries as well as counseling in order to lead a full life after their injuries.

If you would like to know what resources are available to you and what legal options you have for protecting your family, contact Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free, no obligation case evaluation today. Flaxman Law Group staff have more than sixty years of combined trial and legal experience. They have helped thousands of families just like yours secure more than $100 million in compensation, court wins, and out-of-court settlements. To find out whether you have a claim, contact Flaxman Law Group today.

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