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Homestead Withholding Medication or Intentionally Over-Medicating

In nursing home abuse and neglect cases, a common complaint among families in Homestead involves intentional over medication or under medication of loved ones. Over medication occurs when patients are given to too much medication, typically sedatives, in order to keep them compliant and quiet. Withholding medication is often a form of abuse, where patients are punished by not getting their medication or where facilities try to cut costs by not providing adequate medication.

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Withholding Medication

In assisted living facilities and nursing homes, staff sometimes withhold medication from patients for a number of reasons:

  • As a form of punishment
  • To cut costs
  • Because understaffing makes it difficult for medication to be properly delivered to every patient
  • Due to high staff turnover and lack of guidance as to which residents need which medications
  • Unintentional oversight due to poor policies or negligence

There is no excuse for not providing the medication that a resident or patient's doctor has prescribed. In fact, withholding medication or suddenly cutting off a patient's prescribed medication can have severe adverse side effects and can affect a patient's health and well-being. In extreme cases, withholding heart medication, blood pressure medication, and other vital medication can lead to complications and even fatalities.

Intentional Over-Medication

In some nursing homes and assisted-living facilities, staff decide to over medicate a patient – typically with sedatives or other medications that will keep a patient quiet. There are many reasons why patients may be intentionally overmedicated:

  • A facility is understaffed and overly medicated patients require less care
  • Staff do not want to deal with difficult patients and over-medicate them in order to make them more compliant
  • Staff want to be able to leave a patient in the room without supervision, and keeping them heavily sedated assists with this
  • Staff may be abusing a patient, and over-medicating makes the victims less likely to fight back

Intentionally over-medicating a patient is an ethically terrible thing to do, and is also extremely dangerous. A patient may have a severe allergic reaction or adverse reaction if given sedation or other medication that has not been prescribed by a doctor. Over-medication can also lead to addiction or overdosing. Over-medicating a patient also affects the quality of life negatively and prevents a patient from fully living their life.

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