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Homestead Truck Driver Fatigue

Many research studies have found that fatigue can be just as dangerous on the road as drunk driving. Tired drivers experience the same slowed reaction time, poor judgment, and other issues as drunk drivers. In addition, fatigued drivers can fall asleep at the wheel and can cause a serious car or truck accident. The results can be even more devastating if the driver is operating a fully loaded big rig, which has enough force to cause a multiple car accident as well as fatalities.

If you have been injured in a truck accident because a truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel of their vehicle or because he or she broke rules regarding maximum hours of service, you may have a legal claim. Contact Flaxman Law Group to find out how you can seek compensation that can help you pay for the many expenses related to your injuries. Your initial consultation is free and comes with no obligation.

Are Truck Drivers More Subject To Fatigue?

There are federal rules which dictate how much truck drivers can work before they have to take a rest, and all commercial truck drivers are expected to abide by these regulations or face considerable penalties. The federal government and safety experts agree that these measures are needed because truck drivers are operating such dangerous vehicles and because they work such long hours that fatigued driving is a very real concern.

There are also certain facts about truck driver workloads that can contribute to fatigued driving. For example, commercial truck drivers often work in shifts, and studies have shown that shift workers have a harder time getting proper sleep. Truck drivers also lead very sedentary lives because they're behind the wheel for so long, and sedentary living can easily lead to obesity, sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders that can cause sleepiness. Since truck drivers often drive long hours, the repetitive tasks associated with driving can lead to fatigue and sleepiness as well.

How Do I Prove That Fatigue Was A Factor In My Car Accident?

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to prove that a truck driver’s fatigue contributed to your car accident in Homestead. After all, by the time the police and emergency personnel show up, the truck driver is often fully awake because of the impact of the crash and the aftermath.

How can you prove that the truck driver was in fact tired when they were driving -- or reckless in their driving? In many cases, personal injury attorneys in Homestead will work with private investigators in order to determine whether a truck driver falsified their logs of rest hours and work hours. If they did, it can be proven that they were simply too tired to drive safely. If the truck driver has a history of fatigued driving or has a condition such as sleep apnea, this can also help prove that strategic driving was an issue in the accident.

No matter what has caused your truck accident and injuries, if negligence or recklessness played a role, you may have a legal claim under Florida's laws. To find out the facts about your legal rights and about your ability to seek compensation, contact Flaxman Law Group in order to get a free, no obligation consultation.