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Homestead Poor Road Design

Engineers and municipalities are responsible for designing roads that are safe for pedestrians, motorists, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and anyone else who shares the road. Good road design allows for safe lane changes, proper turns, and safe sharing of the road. When engineers and other professionals are negligent in creating safe road designs, pedestrian accidents in Homestead as well as a range of traffic collisions are the likely result.

Do You Suspect That Your Car Accident And Subsequent Injuries Were Caused By Bad Road Design?

Were you injured in an area or a street where frequent collisions are the norm? You may have a legal claim not only against the at-fault driver but also against those responsible for designing and maintaining the roads in that area. To find out more, you can always reach Flaxman Law Group for a free case evaluation. The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group work with a team of private investigators, accident reconstruction experts, engineers, expert witnesses, and other professionals that can help get to the bottom of your accident can help present a strong case as you seek compensation.

What Is Poor Road Design?

Poor road designs can include:

  • No bike lanes where bike lanes are necessary
  • Poor choices for speed limits
  • Lack of adequate signs or traffic lights
  • Poor visibility for motorists, especially on turns
  • Lack of adequate lines to delineate crosswalks, separate lanes, and so forth
  • Very narrow lanes
  • Inadequate number of lanes for the flow of traffic
  • Lack of consideration as to traffic conditions in an area
  • Lack of crosswalks, pedestrian islands, or other safety measures for pedestrians

Often, it can be difficult to determine whether a poor road design played a role in your accident. In many cases, it takes a thorough investigation to determine the causes of your accident and in the event of poor road design it can take evaluation by accident reconstruction experts as well as engineers to determine whether design played a role.

If your accident occurred in an area where traffic collisions are common, however, poor road design may be an issue and you may have a legal claim in this situation. A personal injury attorney in Homestead or your community can review the specifics of your case and can help you uncover all liable parties – whether road design played a role in your injuries or not.

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