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Hollywood Inadequate Security

Workplaces, schools, shops, and other public places are expected to have adequate security in order to make residents, visitors, and patrons safe. When property owners fail to provide a safe space, victims who are injured as a result of crimes that take place on the property may pursue a legal claim in order to seek compensation for pain and suffering, injuries, medical bills, and other costs related to their injuries.

If you have been the victim of a crime that has occurred due to someone's negligence or due to inadequate security on a property, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free case evaluation. Even if the perpetrator is never caught, you may be able to seek compensation in your case.

Do I Have An Inadequate Security Case?

In many inadequate security cases in Hollywood and across South Florida, a legal claim is made when a victim is injured in an attack or in an act of violence that has occurred because the property is unsafe. A property may be considered unsafe because:

  • There are inadequate security measures, such as alarm systems, at the premises
  • There is inadequate lighting in some or all areas
  • The property owner knew or should have known about similar crimes in the area but failed to act to protect others
  • There is inadequate security for keeping dangerous people out of the property
  • The windows, doors, and locks are kept in poor repair
  • Access to doors and locks is too widespread
  • There is little or no screening for employees and people who enter the premises
Aren’t Criminal Charges Enough?

If you have been the victim of a crime on a property that has not been properly secured – whether that property is a parking garage, a restaurant, or another business property -- you may have a premises liability claim. In many cases, there may already be criminal charges pending against the person who has injured you. However, keep in mind that criminal charges will usually not result in compensation for your injuries.

Even if the perpetrator is founded held guilty in a court of law, you may not get money or compensation to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses after your attack. If you have suffered a serious attack, however, your expenses may be considerable. Pursuing a legal claim against all liable parties helps secure these financial resources so that you can pay for these costs without financial distress. Pursuing a legal claim also holds the perpetrator and other liable parties accountable. It can ensure that important safety changes are made to the property so that others are not victimized as well.

If you would like to know more about your legal rights if you have been the victim of a violent attack or crime, contact Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free case evaluation. The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group will listen to you and will help you understand what options you have. If a security issue was the result of your injuries, Flaxman Law Group attorneys can help handle all the details of your case so that you can focus on healing while our professional attorneys take care of building the strongest case possible on your behalf. Flaxman Law Group has offices in Hollywood, Homestead, and Miami for your convenience. If you are too injured to travel, Flaxman Law Group legal staff are also willing to travel to your home, workplace, or hospital room to meet with you.