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Hollywood Passenger Van

Passenger van accidents are less common than truck or car accidents in Hollywood and other communities, but these accidents can be devastating. These types of accidents are likely to lead to multiple injuries, as vans carry multiple passengers. In addition, due to the larger size of the van, it is possible for more severe injuries to be possible with this type of accident.

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Types of Passenger Van Accidents

Passenger van accidents can include:

  • Rollovers
  • Rear end accidents
  • Sideswipe or T-bone accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Single vehicle accidents

Unfortunately, passenger vans can be more susceptible to accidents because they have more blind spots than the average passenger vehicle and because these vehicles tend to transport large groups of people which can be distracting for the driver. Vans also have less of a crumple zone and may not have passenger airbags at the sides of the vehicle, the way that passenger cars can. This can lead to even more devastating injuries. It is important that only experienced and qualified drivers are allowed to drive passenger vans.

Passenger Van Cases in Hollywood

Passenger van cases are usually quite complex. This is because in most cases passenger vans are rented by one company to transport groups of people. For example, passenger vans may be rented in order to transport a group of students to a field trip or to a sporting event or passenger vans may be used to transport group of workers from one location to another work location. In these cases, there may be multiple liable parties. For example, the school or organization responsible for transporting the individuals may be held liable. The passenger van rental company may be held liable. The driver may also be held partly responsible for the accident.

After a traffic accident involving a passenger van, it is also it is often difficult to determine exactly what happened. In these cases, it is worthwhile to work with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community to get answers and justice. A personal injury attorney can review any insurance offers that have been made to you and can help you understand the true value of your case and the likely costs of your injuries so that you can make an informed decision. If you decide to pursue a legal claim, a personal injury attorney can take care of the details for you so that you can focus on your healing process.

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