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Hollywood Withholding Medication or Intentionally Over-Medicating

In assisted living facilities and nursing homes, patients and residents are expected to get their prescribed medication on time and should have access to over-the-counter medications if they are doctor approved. Unfortunately, a common type of medical neglect and abuse can and does occur when staff either deliberately over-medicate residents or withhold medication.

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Withholding Medication

There are many reasons why a nursing home or assisted living facility with could be withholding medication from an elderly loved one:

  • Understaffing may mean that not everyone gets their medication as prescribed
  • Poor communication or negligence can mean staff do not know which resident needs what medication
  • Withholding medication on purpose as a form of punishment
  • Withholding medication intentionally to reduce costs
  • Poor organization or negligence leading to lack of adequate medication on site

When elderly loved ones are in a nursing home or assisted living facility, they're expected to get the medication that they have been prescribed by their doctor, and they should also have access to over-the-counter medications if they are approved by a doctor. Not getting adequate medication can be very serious, since some medication can cause side effects and complications if it is not taken in the correct dosage and at the right times. Suddenly cutting off medication or missing a dose can have severe consequences for someone who is ill. Not getting access to medication as needed can also leave a resident in pain and can reduce quality of life.


In some cases, understaffed facilities and nursing homes in Hollywood and other communities will intentionally overmedicate a patient in order to make them compliant and in order to make them quiet. When residents are overmedicated, they often do not require as much care and they are easier to handle for staff. This type of practice is not only negligent, but it is also extremely unethical. Intentionally overmedicating a resident means that residents live in a sort of twilight state, with a reduced quality of life and do not fully get to enjoy the life around them. There is no excuse for over-medicating a patient.

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