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Hollywood Failure to Prevent Dehydration, Malnutrition, Falls and Bed Sores

In nursing homes and assisted-living facilities, it is expected that staff will help patients avoid bed sores, falls, malnutrition, dehydration, and some of the other common risks for people who cannot handle everyday tasks such as feeding and clothing themselves. It is expected that in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and other facilities where vulnerable residents are taken care of, staff will help residents to stay safe and healthy. When this does not happen, serious complications even fatalities can result, leaving entire families devastated.

If a loved one has been affected by dehydration, malnutrition, bed sores, and falls in a medical or facility setting in Hollywood or any Florida city, you do have legal options. Pursuing a legal claim or compensation in your situation may help you get your loved one out of the situation and may help provide them with a high standard of medical care as well as a safer living environment. To find out what legal options are available, Flaxman Law Group is standing by to answer your questions. Your initial consultation is free and comes with no obligation.

Dehydration And Malnutrition

There are many reasons why dehydration malnutrition can happen in clinical or facility setting:

  • Facilities may try to cut back on the number of calories or meals served in order to reduce costs
  • Facilities made buy lower quality and lower nutrition foods in order to save on costs
  • Facilities may not notice a patient is not eating or drinking enough
  • Facilities may not react appropriately when they notice problems with appetite or drinking patterns
  • Facilities may not keep a log of how much each resident has eaten, making it hard to decide when a person has started eating much less
  • Medical negligence or neglect may be a problem if a person is suffering malnutrition or dehydration due to an illness and a facility does not notice or fails to act appropriately
  • Abusive facility staff may withhold food or drink as a punishment
  • Understaffing may mean that no one notices when a resident has stopped eating or drinking normally
  • Patients may be neglected and mealtimes may be forgotten

There is no excuse for dehydration or malnutrition. Food and water are the basics of life and every facility should provide a menu that keeps residents healthy. Signs of malnutrition may include sudden weight loss, lethargy, poor physical condition as well as fainting and weakness. Symptoms of dehydration may include dizziness, fainting, weakness, and other symptoms. If you notice signs of dehydration or malnutrition, it is important to get answers and help right away.


For elderly residents, especially, is important to provide adequate supervision as well as assistance to prevent falls. This can mean installing grab bars along hallways and in bathrooms and adding no-slip treads to hard surface floors as well as ensuring proper supervision of residents at all times.

Bed Sores

Bed sores can occur if a facility resident is not moved often enough. The sores can become very painful and even infected, potentially leading to severe injury. These injuries are generally preventable with frequent movement and regular changing of sheets and bed linens.

If a loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home or facility, get compassionate and fast legal advice by contacting Flaxman Law Group today. The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have helped many families seek justice in cases of abuse and negligence; arrange your free consultation to find out what can be done in your case.