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Hollywood Children's Toys

Children’s toys are meant to do many things. They're meant to ignite children's imaginations, they are meant to educate, and they're meant to provide a lifetime of pleasant memories for both children and parents. Unfortunately, each year, thousands of children are seriously injured or even killed by dangerous toys. If your child has been seriously injured, the Hollywood law offices of Flaxman Law Group can explain your legal options and can tell you whether you have a case in your situation.

How do Injuries from Toys Occur?

Children's toys are consumer products and there are many systems in place to ensure that children only get safe toys. There are consumer groups and government agencies that oversee consumer products, including children's toys, and try to make sure that toys are safe. There are also individual independent organizations that test children's toys and release safety ratings.

Despite all of this, a number of unsafe children's toys are sold each year. For example, several years ago it was revealed that some toys manufactured in China contained dangerous lead paint. Each year, toys are recalled because sharp edges or small detachable parts pose serious risks to children and cause child injuries in Hollywood and across the country.

Even though there are many checks in place to prevent unsafe toys from reaching store shelves, many thousands of unsafe children's toys are still sold each year. Part of the problem is that many toys are manufactured overseas, where standards and safety rules are very different. In addition, there are so many millions of children's toys being manufactured and sold across the country that it is impossible for any government agency to thoroughly and carefully test each toy before it is allowed onto store shelves. As a result of all of this, each year children are rushed to emergency rooms with serious injuries as a result of unsafe toys.

Preventing Toy-Related Child Injuries in Hollywood

If you're a parent, you may want to carefully examine any toys you buy for safety. You may also want to check recall lists and listings of safety standards and safety evaluations from independent companies to decide whether specific toys are safe. Many pediatricians and safety groups advise parents buy new toys or newer toys. Newer toys may not be damaged in the same way that used toys are, which can pose a risk. Older toys may also not meet current standards for safety

If your child is seriously injured by defective toy, once you have sought medical help it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community. Not only is a devastating to see your child injured, but of course you will want to provide the best medical care possible for your child as he or she recovers. Pursuing compensation for legal claim is not only a right but it also allows you to seek the financial resources you need to pay for the best medical care for your child.

If you would like to know whether you have a claim and what can be done in your situation, contact Flaxman Law Group for a no cost, no obligation case evaluation about your situation. Although the law firm has worked on many high-profile cases, the focus of the law firm continues to be to provide caring, compassionate, and professional legal assistance and representation for plaintiffs from all walks of life.