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Hollywood Motorcycle Accident

Hollywood, Florida has stunning beaches, water views, and recreational options on the water. However, the city is also known for its thriving art culture. The Hollywood Historical Society helps preserve the city's culture and the many museums in the area. The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, the Beach Theater & Bandshell, the Hollywood Performing Arts Center, and the Arts Academy of Hollywood all contribute to the theater arts in the area, and there are galleries and artists working in the community as well.

Residents and visitors alike cannot enjoy the beauty and opportunities that Hollywood has to offer if they are seriously injured. Unfortunately, Hollywood traffic accidents and motorcycle accidents claim many victims each year. If you have been in a Hollywood motorcycle accident, the only thing you should be focusing on is healing. You will want to spend time with your family and focus on getting better and on treating the injuries you have. Unfortunately, a Florida motorcycle accident is also a legal event and an insurance event. For this reason, after your motorcycle accident you may be asked to give a statement to police, you will need to file an insurance claim, and you will need to make key decisions about your motorcycle accident and the claims process -- decisions that can affect you for years to come.

It is not fair to take on this process entirely by yourself, especially if you do not have extensive experience with the medical profession, insurance claims, and the Florida justice system. You may inadvertently sign document that sign away part of your rights or that leave you with an less than fair settlement -- one that does not cover all the costs that you face as a result of your accident.

To ensure that you do not have to face the many tasks after your Hollywood motorcycle accident alone, contact the Flaxman Law Group to schedule a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your case. The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group can help you understand your rights, can work to negotiate a fair settlement with your insurance company on your behalf, can investigate your accident, and can help you make decisions that make the healing process easier. From getting medical assistance to fighting for justice on your behalf, the Flaxman Law Group is a full-service law firm that can take care of all the details for you, leaving you free to focus on healing and on rebuilding your life after your accident.

The Flaxman Law Group is proud to be a part of the Hollywood community, with offices right in the city, at 5715 Johnson Street in Hollywood. To learn more about how the Flaxman Law Group can help you, call our offices today to arrange for a free consultation. If you are unable to travel to our offices due to your injuries, our compassionate legal team is willing to travel to your Florida home, workplace, or hospital room to discuss you case with you. Do not make decisions in your case until you have spoken with a qualified Florida motorcycle attorney.