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Hollywood Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are a type of pedestrian accident in Hollywood that involves a car backing up over a pedestrian behind the vehicle. Tragically, these accidents often involve children who are playing behind the car and are not visible to the motorist who is reversing in the driveway, parking lot, or other area. Since children are often involved, the injuries sustained in this type of accident tend to be severe. Head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and fatalities in Hollywood and other communities are a common result of this type of traffic collision.

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Where Rollover Traffic Accidents Take Place in Hollywood and Florida

There are many places where rollover accidents are likely to happen:

  • Loading docks were commercial trucks are loaded
  • Construction sites
  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Shared pedestrian and car areas
Injuries in Rollover Accidents

Unfortunately, this type of pedestrian accident in Hollywood all or your community is likely to result in permanent or even fatal injuries. Pedestrians simply have no protection against a car. Even though rollover accidents tend to happen at lower speeds, they can still result in tragic and catastrophic injuries.

Worse, these types of accidents are often quite preventable. Motorists can install rearview cameras that allows them to see exactly what is happening behind their car. Some motorists also get into this type of traffic accident in Hollywood or their community because they simply do not check behind them or use their mirrors when backing up.

Tragically, many rollover accidents involve young children who may not realize the dangers of being behind a car when it begins to back up. Children who are in this type of accident are likely to suffer from fatal injuries or from permanent injuries that can affect their development. If your child has suffered a permanent injury that affects their development, he or she may require help and at-home care as well as medical assistance and income long after you are gone. For this reason, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community to seek the fairest compensation possible in your case. Financial resources ensure that no matter what happens to you and your family, your child will be provided the medical attention and care that they deserve.

If you have been injured in this type of car collision, it is likely that you have questions. You may wonder how the accident occurred and what can be done to help you recover fully from your injuries. If you have questions, the Flaxman Law Group is willing to help you find the answers. You can always contact the Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation case review to discuss your situation. The Flaxman Law Group can investigate your situation, can help you understand your rights, and can help you pursue compensation so that you have the money to pay for the best medical care possible. Contact the Flaxman Law Group today for a free, no obligation case evaluation to discuss what the Flaxman Law Group can do for you.